Infinite Flight Olympics: Official Website Launch

@Iceblue and I are proud to present the website for the Infinite Flight Olympics. We have updated team info, amazing photos, and a quiz! Post your quiz scores here (with a screenshot), and feel free to give us feedback on the website (we are working on the countdown). To get to the quiz, scroll down on the homepage, and near the LiveFlight section you’ll see a button for it. Here is the link…
Thanks :D


Wow. I got a question wrong. And I made it XD

Congratulations… I will have to set you up with a domain (@Bluepanda900 )

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That was easy lol

Somehow… I had to guess a couple.

When you were randomly answering questions but still got 90%

Wow. Just wow. It was not that hard lol.

The Home Page(Countdown Timer) is screwed up for me and the IFPM Link doesn’t work

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looks amazing! IFPM thanks you for your work

Try now. It should be working. Any other feedback?

Works good now. I don’t know if there’s supposed to be a photo in the background of the home page, but there isn’t. I would remove the timer until you can fix it ;)

There is. And I can’t remove the timer. It doesn’t show up on my version of the website :/

That’s really weird :/

Don’t see a background for me. Refreshed and everything

Huh. Look at the editor…

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Have you tried the preview button or looked at the actual site? Kind of cool, Didn’t know there was an app. I work through the internet site on my Mac

I have done both. Let me show you the preview.

What do you see when you go through the actual link?