Infinite flight Olympics "hiring"

Hi Friends,
The Olympics just finished up, but I’m already thinking about next year! I’m looking for some more people to join our team to help coordinate events, do websites and some other things. If you want to work on one of the following jobs, please let me know! (Only one job per person, thanks)

Event Managers- Coordinate, devise, and run all aspects of the event, including making the topic, letting the teams know, and answering any questions that pertain to the event.

I need three event managers.

Score Manager- this person will work out all as
Aspects of scoring Figuring out scores for each event, and keeping an up to date log of everybody’s individual scores, and team scores.

I need one Score manager.

Website developer- This person will update a weebly website with the events, an event Calender, and post any news, as well as just managing the website (we have a website, just website upkeep)

I need one website developer.

Thanks guys. I will update this topic as I see fit. PM me with an application that consists of the following

Dedication to the project
If you would be able to work often
If you are active on a daily basis
And other projects you have run or worked on.

If you do not include all of these things in the application, you will not be considered. You must also speak good English.

Thomas Galvin


Could a person that is already in a team fit into one of the following ?

No, you can’t be in a team and work for the Olympics.

Ok then … Wouldn’t wanna let my team down by leaving them without a leader :P

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My application:

Name: Ice
Age: Never ask a man his age…
Work: Working 9-5, what a way to make a living
Active: I do cardio, pilates and weights every day
Experience: Running the whole Olympics with Dush when Thomas buggers off on vacation :)


Ice, Thomas said to pm your application ;). I will consider your offer Thomas :)

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Ice you are fired 😜

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  • Sack Thomas
  • Sack Ice (Who organised 3 events (the good ones), put up with people begging for Thomas’s rules that he didn’t have, and managed to stall for a whole week while @Samuel123abc was begging us for scores that we didn’t have cause he was on vacation

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Do team leaders remain the same?

Don’t I get a defense? 😭 (This thread totally backfired lol)

they could, we will have an entire new team recruiting system for next year.


Do I actually have to reapply?

No. Lol. I was going to force you to do it again anyway.

Because to want to leave me in charge during vacation again.

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OK. I have already thought of some stuff like that too for my team.

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Good idea! I’ve PM’d you but you probably know that already :-)

I got all your messages! I will respond to them later, just letting some more of them come in first before I make any selections! Thanks guys, I’m having a great response to this! Except ice…somebody ban him plz…ANYWAY


Keep me with you, Matt!

Don’t wworr, your good. Co-leader