Infinite Flight Olympics Date Change

I’m requesting a date change for the Infinite Flight Olympics. Now, I know people wouldn’t be okay with this since the Olympics were already held in December and the annual course shouldn’t be messed up, but the IF Olympics came at a bad time honestly. They were held in December, which is…

1: When school is still in session.
2: When Christmas is near.
3: When it snows.

It may seem like I just want the Olympics to come sooner, but I just happened to remember that summer is near. Now, if you moved the Olympics to some time in the summer, it would be better because…

1: School is out.
2: Amazing weather!
3: I mean, who doesn’t love the summer?

Now don’t worry. Because the IF Olympics would be moved to the Summer, that leaves a door open for a Winter Olympics to be suggested!

So, @Thomas_Galvin how about it?


Just saying when it’s snowing wouldn’t that be the time when you play video games and school isn’t on for everyone in December.


I don’t.

Morover its hard to coordinate with team members/leaders and as its during summer, many tend to go on vacation too.

And we cant step up right now and make the Olympics :)


It’s summer here everyday… Hot hot hot!


1: That’s why there would be a Winter Olympics, for people who don’t like the summer. :)
2: Your phone is portable, so I’m pretty sure you can fly while you’re on vacation. :)
3: I don’t know where @Thomas_Galvin is (the creator of the IF Olympics), but the Summer Olympics could be the same thing with a few small tweaks.

I don’t mind this idea. The only issue is that we haven’t even begun planning. It’s months worth of stuff to work on, and it’s very complicated. We want to take what we learned was bad last year and make it great this year. It would be interesting to do that during the rio Olympics (August 5-21). Maybe I could think about that? Late December and early January is a good time because for nearly all Americans and Europeans it’s vacation from school and work. (Christmas and new year). Another issue is that like dush said a lot of people are on vacation in the summer…another thing is I don’t have my iPad. My iPad is owned by my school and I have to give it back every summer. I could do it without that but it’s hard. I appreciate that you are thinking about the Olympics already!


Lol I said “the only issue” and ended up saying like 5

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