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As I am sure you have just figured out, I am here today to introduce to you, the community, the 2017 Infinite Flight Olympic Games. This year will be even bigger and better than any other previous games. With seven events, spread all over the world and prizes from the best developers the community has to offer. As well as this, this year we aim to try and build on the failures of last year’s Olympic Games – namely the pilot’s skill and understanding level. So, I advise you read all of the passages below and get a feeling as to what this year’s games are really about.



So far we have had several team signup for the games and we are extremely thankful for their patience. As we move closer to that all important, five weeks after global opening ceremony we need to begin the testing process for the pilots. We humbly request that all team captains contact myself and @dush19 with all their team members ready to take the test as soon as possible. The deadline for this will be the 24th of October.


This year, we plan to hold seven events, excluding the opening and closing ceremony. One will be held in each continent (excluding Antarctica) and we will culminate in a long haul event, which stretches to the far corners of the world. Obviously, each event will have a winner who will get the most points and move up the table of rankings (incomplete)


This series of events as will be held twice a week on a Wednesday and a Saturday. The events will only start five weeks after Global, which will give us some great new event possibilities as well as allowing some of the rush of Global to die down. So now you have two things to look forward to.


This year it is my absolute pleasure to announce that we are actually awarding pilots to both the winning team and the runner up team. Every single winning team member will receive a completely free copy of @epaga 's IF assistant app aswell as all the in-app purchases. The runner up team will receive a 1 month sub to LiveFlight Horizon courtesy of @Cameron. As well as this, @epaga was gracious enough to give another free copy of IF assistant app . The winner will be who we , as Olympic staff, saw as the most courteous and knowledgable pilot. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank these two truly great people, who have allowed me to elevate this series of events to another level.

imageedit_22_7966786216 SPONSORS

I would like to once again, thank our sponsors who are listed below:



An absolutely huge shoutout to @Maxmustang for offering to donate to the winning team’s charity of choice.


I’d like my name engraved in gold scripture when I win everything. Thanks.


Oh yes, Team USA has been patiently waiting for this moment to come. Let’s do this!



I hope it actually happens this year haha. The last two times it died halfway through and I didn’t hear anything about the end results. I’m glad to see it going now, but let’s make sure we make it through the whole thing :D


It should finish all the way through, I’m looking forward to this alot.

It appears to be the most organised and the prizes look great, all the more reason to compete this year.


I really wished I joined a team…
Is there any teams open?

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Here is one I just stumbled upon;

I am sure if you just message the team leader for your desired team, they will reply regarding the next steps.


How do we join a team?

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You PM one of the team leaders. Recruitment I guess is closed for many of the teams but team Sweden is still free should you want to join us :)


How do you know who the team leaders are?

Well for starters, I lead Team USA. :)


Awesome!! I was literally about to make a post about asking IFO to start their competition!! I am soo excited! It’s gonna be fun… Yea I hoped we would get a trophy or something you know…
Paypal will work for me… 😂
Jk jk

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Cool! That’s the one I wanted to join 😂

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Can’t wait! I need to prepare for this by practicing and deal with schoolwork before an event. I think I can do this.

This is going to be HUGE!


How do we know what teams are currently recruiting?

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The first tests have been sent out to team Sweden. Congratulations to @Samuel123abc for being so organised! If the other teams could PM whenever they are ready, it would save me a lot of time and stress. Thanks

😂😂😂😂 ya good luck :pp

Team Sweden have successfully completed all testing. I hope all other teams can follow in their footsteps!

Are all the events on weekends? And if they are, what happens if you miss an event?

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