Infinite Flight Olympics 2016 Trailer

After a while of inactivity, I’ve begun uploading some more Infinite Flight videos and trailers. Inspired by the Infinite Flight Community-Member-Hosted Olympics for 2016, here’s a video featuring all the airlines and airplanes represented in this year’s Infinite Flight Olympics. Enjoy!

Please let me know in the comments of your opinions, and points you liked or think could be improved. Thanks!

(Disclaimer: This video has no formal affiliation with the Infinite Flight Olympics)


Nice, well done! Maybe add some text about the IFO?

It has nothing to do officially with IFO, so I’d rather focus on the content of the video and how it ties with the music, rather than make it about IFO. Only inspired by the teams that are participating. Thanks!


Who will be competing in the olympics?

Great video, your really quite good with free cam. Only question is. Where’s Great Britain? Good job.


This can’t get any better…awwwsomee…if only I had these skill🙋🙋

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Wow this is really good! Did you edit in Ae?

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That video looks amazing!

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Great job Zach!

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I have to say, that actually gave me chills. The way the music became a fluid part of the video was amazing. Fantastic job!

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Let me just apologise to @Zachary_Meir_Tish. He repeatedly PMed me about this, I kept meaning to answer but kept forgetting. I fully support this and his work, whether he chooses to affiliate this with IFO is his choice but he has our full support.

Sorry and great work :)


Wow Icey. You can’t even answer the poor man’s PM.


Before you have a field day Harrison you don’t realise how many PMs are flowing an and out of my forum inbox everyday.

Still, not an excuse for people who but in great effort for this like Zach.

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What is this song called? I know the song but I forgot its name…

Thanks! Edited using iMovie

Love Me Again by John Newman. I was using the instrumental

Already to late.

In that case you may use this for representation for IFO 2016, and or affiliate it with IFO 2016 if you wish. Just DM me :)

That was absolutely amazing! The best free cam filming I’ve seen yet. Thanks for using Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas in it.

Thanks. Really appreciate it