Infinite Flight Olympic Podcast Timetable

Attention Olympions,

IFPM presents Wren Jago - the official voice of the Infinite Flight Second Annual Olympic Games. What this means is that I am going to be recording and creating a series of podcast and interviews. These interview will include insight, personality and predictions of the coming events.These will be directly available from the official Infinite Flight Olympic Games Website and.
I have already created a calendar or marvelous organisation but first let me explain:

  • BLOCK BLUE means release and non block blue means recording

  • RED means AVAILABLE feel free to PM if you’d like to appear

  • The podcast will be around 25 - 45 minutes with the individual team interviews ranging from 15 to 25 minutes

  • All interviews will take place on Discord or Slack

  • Any teams or organisations (e.g Virtual Flight) are allowed to create audio visual adverts to help promote their team

  • Allas I have fought long and hard for you VAs but saddly @IceBlue have banned VA adverts. I am sorry i wanted you there but i will continue to fight for you

  • All times are in ZULU

And without any further ado here is the calendar with more to come soon:


With Interviewees ranging from Pilots to team captains to the head of the IFOG you better sign up quick.


Just to be politically correct, it was me who banned VA adverts, not the camera crew :)


my bad sorry i kind of felt bad blaming one person on his own

Haha no, I like being cruel


Changed it

Looking forward to this interview!

#TeamUSA 🇺🇸🔥



What Timezone are these

Sorry my bad ZULU

team Canada bois 🇨🇦🇨🇦🌲🌲🌲

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14:00 may not be suitable for me, but we’ll see.

What team are you with

How would you be able to add the adverts?

We’ll have little gaps in the recording where I’ll play them

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Team Canada

Lease with your captain if your team is already registered because you have 3 different shows

Can’t wait man

Hey this is your CEO of IFPM saying I support this!! Never know who might just pop in for a surprise podcast ;) (I’m not divulging any further information other then you never know who…)
So please keep an eye on this awesome Podcaster for more information! Any further questions check out the official Infinite Flight Pictures Media Olympics page with that handy dandy search button! :)

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸 Olympics)

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I wonder who’s going to appear

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You can either reply here or PM me privately