Infinite Flight Official Yearly Valdez Airshow & Competition | 021900ZAUG17 (& 031830ZAUG17) | CANCELLED

Server: Training

Region: Southern California

Airport: KNKX

Time: 1900Z - Sat | 1830 - Sun

NOTAM: Follow the instructions given by ATC at all times as briefed in video (upload later). Takeoff behind the line, land after the line. Wait your turn and only two people participating at a time.

Hello everyone, it’s that time again where a large airshow comes to town. This airshow is based around Valdez airshow. Pilots must have a graded opportunity to show they are the best STOL pilots. There will be prizes up for grab and large community recognition with awards. This event is staring many CEOs of VAs such as: Emirates, Aerosync, TAP, Swiss and @NEO will attend.

The airshow will star both professional attempts on the competition in giant planes along with an airshow on the end of the second day of the event. This is the beginning of a STOL challenge event series and prizes in this airshow are awarded by emirates VA.
Come enter the light category in a Cessna 172, 208, Cirrus SR - 22 and the Super decathlon. Or come and join the large category in a C 130, Dash-8 or Embraer. 170 You will be put and graded depending if you are in the large or light category. You will be scored and scores will be posted. Shortest distances win for takeoff and landing. The prizes are for all medalist and include 20 hours upon joining Emirates VA, Acceptance into Emirates professional training course and for the grand winner an opportunity to fly Emirates executive jet ( Only one person in the airline can fly it). Winners will also get badges to show off.
Arrivals and viewers enter on runways 24L which are open for all non participants. Participants are the only ones permitted on the left side of runway 24R and in that parking area. Hope to see all of you there.

Instructional Video (Watch before competiton)

Cala Pad 01 -
Cala Pad 02 -
Cala Pad 03 -
Cala Pad 04 -

Cala Pad 01 -
Cala Pad 02 -
Cala Pad 03 -
Cala Pad 04 -

More spots available if required


Nice professional event! Good luck!

Thanks, maybe you can fly in to watch the airshow or performances

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Unfortunately I cannot take part in this well organized event due to vacation activates involving wakeboarding.
Will try my best though!
Good luck :)


I would like to participate in this event

What’s the date for the event

I will Participate On Sunday

we will be there in 10 minutes from now.

as this event looks empty, we decline our performance.

the event has been reopened and scheduled so make sure everyone signs up now

Why is it called “Official”? Unless you have permission from FDS you can’t make an official Infinite Flight event.

This is going to be Infinites Flight Official once a year valdez competition that why it’s called official. Also please don’t make this a chat forum, if you have questions pm me.

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