Infinite Flight Official Store

Your place for official Infinite Flight swag ._.

They should make the planes in IF Models.


I already bought it. I would say it’s worth it. ;)

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a tad? you mean very pricey. not to be rude but $35 for that type of shirt and its material isnt worth it. i really want it though

edit: didnt realize you could customize it

It’s a good shirt. Not one of those cheap ones that get ruined in a couple days… I mean c’mon - if you can buy a live subscription you can definitely buy a shirt. People just underestimate how much money they’ve actually used already.

Phillippe already announced it. Why are you creating a new topic?

Most of the price is for the service. This is usual for this kind of service because they handle everything from stock to delivery… also it is usually small quantities so it has to be worth it to them (zazzle).

If it become popular we will consider finding better deals to get cheaper shirts; for now it is the best we can do.


You should make Model aeroplane in FDS livery. You got lots of model collectors here. (Aircrafts manufactures might sue you unless you their customer. You have to come up with your own design)


I need an IF mug in my life. Then it will be complete.


Any polo shirts instead?

Sorry, but don’t worry that won’t stop me from getting one, maybe add a collard shirt editions so i can wear it to school everyday ;)

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Sorry to say the truth but real world stuff gets expensive fast. I bought mine yesterday :)


Will there be scale models with the FDS livery if there’s an agreement with Revell?