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Oceania Pilots Group (OPG) was founded in mid 2019 by @Air_Boss, @calebthecaptain, and @Jase_toi and in January 2020 @Lu_ke and the formally known Kiwi Air (vNZ VA) merged with OPG to create a bigger AU/NZ Based infinite flight flying community.

OPG is a friendly virtual organization made up of all ages, We are here to bring the greater IF community together in a fun professional flying and social environment.

Being a virtual organization we want to keep things simple, and to us its all about a fun filled environment with a variety events to suit all pilots.

We are an Australian based virtual organization but we have no location restrictions with pilots outside of Oceania region and event schedules to suit all.

In short our moto is:


Infinite Flight Oceania Pilots Group (IFOPG) is a group of professional pilots who strive for excellence and realism in our flight operations, while at the same time have fun within the community. “With realism being our number one priority, we have a lot to offer the casual pilot"

With 4 scheduled events a week, & recreational casual group meets open to all pilots 24/7, Our Domestic Hub is Sydney and our International Hub is Auckland.

Recreational pilots, fly within a ranked server with no limitations.

Certified pilots, log hours & earn promotions to unlock aircraft and routes

Fantastic Community

OPG offers the pilots a vibrant community with a locally run management team, that have great knowledge of Local & International Regions.

Something for Everyone

We believe in choices, that’s why we have something for everyone. From the casual simmer to the hardcore avgeek.

The Best Scenery

OPG offers breathtaking bird eye views of the world from the Australian Outback to the Mountainous Terrain of New Zealand and beyond.

OPG offer the Pilot’s:

  • Real time routes

  • Ranking progression

  • Real time regulations / procedures

  • Multiple weekly events

  • Fun relaxed environment

  • IFOPG was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts

Even though we are a fictional virtual group, all our event routes are researched to reflect real-time route planning we believe optimizing the experience.

We pride ourselves on being open to anyone and everyone. If you can meet minimum requirements, can pass basic theory and test flight acceptance we would love to have you join our team.

Oceania Pilots Group is committed to extending our global partner alliance network and currently has two event partnerships and is always looking for more partnerships.

Mangement Team

Scott Barnes (Director)

Caleb Kam (Chief Examiner)

Luke Hill (Chief Pilot)

Jase Toi (Realism)

Staff Team

Event Leader: Hendrix R

Event Staff: Hunter L
HR Staff: Shing F
Assessment Staff: Charles S
ATC Staff: Vacant


1. Signup

(New Member / Registered) → Probation

2. Completed Theory and Flight Test 1

(Recreational Pilot) → Cadet - Captain

3. Completed Theory and Flight Test 2

(Certified Pilot) → Captain - Commander

All pilots will earn the Provisonal Pilot Badge once completed Introduction Theory & Check Ride, Further logged hours required to be promoted to Recreational then continued testing required to be promoted to Certified Pilot.


Actively logging flights earns promotion and opens up further career opportunities


Cadet 0-30hrs

Junior Second Officer 25-50hrs

Senior Second Officer 50-75hrs

Junior First Officer 75-100hrs

Senior First Officer 100-200hrs

Captain 200-500hrs

Senior Captain 500-650hrs

Training Captain 650-800hrs

Commannder 800-1000hrs


  1. Minimum Grade 3 (Access to Expert)

  2. 14 Years Old and Above

  3. Basic Knowledge with Discord

  4. Basic IF understanding

  5. Enjoy group flights


Application / Signup


Cool thread! I love the events with IFW
-IFW 485


Its all about events and variety 2020.


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to join any of them, I was spotting for the KC-12 one

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Very nice thread and vo, congratulations!

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Really awesome thread guys. Glad to be part of such a great VO. All the best for all future endeavours :)


Such an amazing VO, event times to fit everyone, friendly environment and tons of members

Looking forward to future IFWxOPG events!


Yeah hopefully we can sort one out soon!


How do I join?

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Hi Louis, please head over to our website HERE and click “Pilot Application” under Join us tab

Or i can give you the direct link to pilot application

Fly Safe!

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Nice! Thread looks sharp lads.


image image image

Here at Infinite Flight Oceania Pilot’s Group we are very passionate about regional flying.

We fly

Join Us Today

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great vo loved flying with them . very professional team


great va had fun flying with them

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Thanks Shing, we are glad to have you with us!

What about Fiji and Tahiti Nui

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More than welcome! We are Australian Based but open to all International Pilots

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April 2020 Update

  • Infinite Flight Oceania Pilots Group - Pilot Certification Program NOW ACTIVE
  • OPG has 57 local and International Pilots
  • 7 Scheduled events a week ranging from short hauls - long-hauls
  • 1 Virtual Alliance Partnership

What is the The Certification Program? An assessment-based program designed by OPG’s chief examiner to allow active members of the group to further develop their aviation knowledge by the means of a written test and a flight performance test.

The written test consists of questions that are common in real-life basic aeronautical knowledge (BAK), Private Pilot License (PPL) test, official infinite flight rules and miscellaneous questions such as weather, aircraft performance and other calculations required for flight operations, inside or out of OPG.

The written test is an open book test. The test is designed to examine the candidate’s ability to understand rules, identifies and solve the problems, and examines their attention to details. It is NOT designed to discriminate based on existing aviation knowledge.

The flight test consists of a flight planning questionnaire, which requires the candidate to fill in prior to the flight, simulating the real-world procedure. It also includes a written briefing section, allows the candidate to perform full pre-flight briefing.

Successful candidates will be awarded the Certified Pilot Rank within the Oceania Pilots Group, to signify their achievement milestone & this will then open up new OPG Operational Pathways.


Here at Infinite Flight Oceania Pilots Group we are a VO based out of Australia.



Click the APPLY Button below to Join Today!


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