Infinite Flight Object Hunt

Finally got one I can use

I’m confused, can we put on google fourm the two you just mentioned as an answer?

If an airport has 2 Moritzs, does each of them count individually?

No. Those two will not count towards the 5

Can you guys add me, as a @Moritz ? 🙂

Dumb question, what would be the best camera to use to scan airport 👀

Free camera would allow you to weave in and out of areas to scan for a Moritz model


Thanks will try that

How many spots are left?

All 15 slots are still open. So far no one has gotten them.


Oooo… I still have a chance

Were any Moritz’s added in the hotfix?

Good question! There were. 6 of them to be exact at all different airports but only to the airports that were launched in 22.4

Deer will we hear back right after we submit?

Are we able to do it in solo mode

I was going to originally wait until we reach our 15 before announcing.

You can! Yes!

Have hunted 5 of them, but only 4 different airports. Does this count? Or should I search for a new different airport?

Ouch, that really hurts

Have people succeeded?