Infinite Flight Object Hunt

This is at EGVN, I didn’t find him at LOWS

I just spent over an hour looking through all 40 airports, found 5 Moritzs, then saw that the competition had ended 25 minutes ago 🤦‍♂️


Welcome to the team to the lucky 16!

Ah me will apply first

I’ve just realised… I’m pretty sure I jokingly predicted this.
(But then deleted the reply)

The results have been finalized.

When you find the last Moritz figure but you were too late:


When it was probably your only chance to get on the team as you find the final figure but it was too late

There’ll be more opportunities in the near future

I knew after

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So do I just go around the new airports looking to find that person somewhere. And the google form is not accepting submissions. I’m a little confused on how to do this. Is it over already

It’s over already

Yes, there’s list of the winners:


Aww man I wish I would have seen that earlier. I guess I need to check the IFC more than once every 2-3 hours

Did nobody notice that this 3D airport they are at is not currently 3D. It looks like Omaha Nebraska KOMA


16 more people for Moritz to enjoy writing a 10,000 word essay review 😀

Can you add KMIA, it’s a big airport and really important to me thank you!

The above is an attempt at humor

KMIA already 3D, make sure your on 22.4

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Check the blurred bit

oh.😶 lol didn’t 🌊 that.