Infinite Flight Object Hunt

Must have hotfix 22.04.01 installed to participate

Infinite Flight Object Hunt

Welcome to the Airport Editing Hunger Games. A battle between you all to find a prized piece recently launched in 22.4!

The object as some of you have started seeing is a human figurine who happens to be one of our Airport Moderators, @Moritz . Moritz met up with Laura and Cameron during an aviation expo a few months ago and an opportunity presented itself. A 3D scan was taken of Moritz in the form of an aviation spotter and then sent over to the Infinite Flight artists to make this scan into something that could work in Infinite Flight as an object. Laura scanning Moritz

The Rules:

The rules are simple and are outlined in the details section at the top the form.

  • Read them carefully. Only airports released in 22.4 are in play. All others such as LAX will not count.
  • Note that 2 airports are not eligible as they have already been discussed publicly by the community. Those two are EDDN and VNKT. Make sure not to include those.
  • To offer a fair opportunity for all, I have eliminated these from the challenge.
  • Important: Google sign in is required to ensure everyone is limited to only one submission. Emails are NOT collected as prompted by Google when you click the link

The Prize:

The prize is something that many have been waiting for. An opportunity to help edit airports. We’re opening this opportunity to 15 eligible winners. Should you be one of the first 15 people to correctly identify where 5 Moritz figures are located, you will be offered a slot on the editing team. Sweet!!!

Good Luck!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Tip: Guessing will not work. They are found in specific locations and will require some hunting… or not…

⚠️ This topic will remain posted until we have 15 individuals with the correct answers. The individuals who correctly provide the locations of the Moritz figurine will be added a few days after announcing the winners. Stay tuned to this topic as I will be making the announcement regarding the status of this competition.

Note: This is our first of what could be many competitions. If this turns out to be a success, we may consider holding something similar on a larger scale.

Easy, disqualify that one!

EHAM isn’t new to 22.4, therefore it never qualified to begin with ;)


Unfortunately that one won’t be considered as EHAM was released before 22.4. Keep in mind that only the airports released in 22.4 are the ones that are being considered.

To help narrow down the airports, I’d suggest folks looking at the blog post found here as this will be your starting point.



Best of luck everyone!


Best of luck to everyone!

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Best of luck!

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Bro I can’t find one

Just visit every 22.4 airport and look carefully

Don’t tell anyone,

  • There are 6 airports out of the possible 37 that have the figure.

  • They’re not hidden in or behind any objects.

  • They may be on things too.

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Is the figure at popular airports?!

Yes and No


Will people get another chance in the near future to be invited to the scenery editing team?

That feeling when all the ones you’ve found were at updated and not added airports

if i find what should i do?

Yes, as Deer said if this is a hit, there will be future opportunities

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That’s the hope! Still working and trying our best to ensure our editors are pumping out airports to a standard that we set. Its been a slow process unfortunately, but we’re working as quick as we can because we know we have many talented folks in our community. We’re sure this community has some hidden talent that we could showcase.


Are they at airports only he has been to?

If you find the object, head over to the google form, and submit your findings


They are not. That’d be way more challenging. 😜 Any of the new airports released in 22.4 with the exception of EDDN and VNKT as those two have been mentioned here on the community so far.

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