Infinite Flight now provides Flightradar24 with 3D View Aircraft Models?

I opened Flightradar24 today, receiving a tip that an update was available for the 3D view feature, with aircraft models including their livery now.

I tried it out, and it did look cool; the lack of livery has always been a slight bother for me, so this was definitely an upgrade. But imagine the surprise when I saw “Aircraft models by Infinite Flight”!

Having Flightradar24 partner with Infinite Flight must be a great achievement! Does IF provide all the models for FR24?


Woah, this is cool. The aircraft models in Fr24 have always been a bit dull. Considering how IF runs on devices with relatively low processing power, this is like a match mad in heaven.


You beat us to the official announcement! We’re excited to be partnering with FR24 in this way.

Does IF provide all the models for FR24?

We’re providing all of the models that are in our simulator. In some cases, you’ll come across an aircraft in Flightradar24 that is using their default generic model. We’ll continue to provide new models for them as we add them to Infinite Flight.


Wow, this is kind of a big deal, actually a really big deal. Congratulations on this accomplishment and partnership, team!


Wow - congratulations! This is huge for the team.

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Aw oops! Sorry for ruining the surprise 😂 It is really exciting though, a partnership none of us would be able to predict and expect; thanks so much for making our avgeek experience on FR24 better!


Really cool feature! Can’t believe IF have expanded its business this far


that is crazy, this is gonna make IF even more popular lol


This is so UNexpected!
Quite unfortunate it didn’t came out as intended but this is BIG.
With Flightradar 24 as partners to corroborate this development is a win win on both sides.

When were you going to make an announcement on this, now its out?

also, is there a new cockpit view?

That’s really cool also this could also bring new players to the game
Also the models look really cool other than the generic white planes

Is this available only to FR24 subscribers? I tried it, and nothing. 😥

you may need to update. also there is a limit to 3 live view sessions for non subscribers but it should still work

I updated it, and I watched a bunch of ads. Still nothing. Just the crappy old FR24 models.

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Wow what a great thing !!!
Now FR24 could provide trafic data for infinite flight ingame globe LOL!

I’m gonna try it right now !

Grab a hammer, smash your screen in the top left corner. Should work, thats what my friend did

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As it turns out, Play Store is saying the last update was on September 24th. Maybe the update hasn’t dropped for me yet…

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It’s rolling out still on the mobile apps I believe - definitely available on the website now


So… would we say now that we have better terrain graphics in Infinite Flight ? Because when I see a IF modeled aircraft I can pretend playing IF hahaha

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You just made me realise, I can have (almost) every aircraft in IF without Pro! My problems are solved! 😂