Infinite Flight November 2015 update, part 2!

You are reading this right, another fresh update for your favorite flight simulator! This update should slowly appear today and tomorrow on Google Play. At the same time, the update is being sent to Amazon and Apple for approval and we will let you know as soon as those are accepted (usually takes a week for Apple). Since I am sure ppl will keep asking, we do this type of staged release so we can catch issues early and fix it before the update reaches everyone; updating an app on Google Play is much faster (immediate) since there is no approval process.

Here is what is coming your way:

  • New Airbus A318 and A319
  • Improved airport markings
  • Improved callsign restrictions in Live
  • Fixes and performance improvements

New Airbus A318 and A319

This update brings 2 new aircraft: Airbus A318 and A319 each with many liveries:

Airbus A319 liveries:

  • Air Berlin
  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Air France
  • British
  • Brussels
  • Delta
  • Easyjet
  • Lan
  • Qatar
  • Tiger
  • S7
  • Tunisair
  • Volaris
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Air Canada Rouge
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Saudia
  • Silk Air
  • Swiss

Airbus A318 liveries:

  • IF 2015
  • 4 ACJ Liveries
  • Air France
  • Frontier
  • British
  • Avianca
  • Tarom
  • Mexicana
  • Airbus Factory (Old and New)

The A318 is less common this is why there are not as many airline liveries. We added a few custom ones that you should enjoy :)

Improved airport markings

Along with the shiny new aircraft, we improved taxiway markings and (finally) added support runway designation making it easier and more realistic to navigate the airport on the ground.
We support all major official markings:

  • Holding position
  • ILS Critical Area / POFZ Boundary
  • Taxiway/Taxiway Holding Position
  • Non-Movement Area Boundary
  • Taxiway Edge
  • Dashed Taxiway Edge
  • Roadway Edge
  • Roadway Edge stripes (zipper style)

Improved callsign restrictions in Live

We added new restrictions in live to limit the ability to troll other pilots with offending callsigns. New callsigns are now limited to 8 alphanumeric characters (including the hyphen). Callsigns will also be always capitalized.
We don’t expect this to fully solve this issue and we will do more but for the time being it is important to remind you that using offending callsigns (even spelled creatively) can result in a ban from Live. We are all here to share a passion and have a good time, we don’t have time for trolls.

Fixes and performance improvements

This update also brings fixes to a few liveries, engine and sharklet issues on the recently released Airbus A320.
Along with performance improvements, we squashed many bugs including one that caused a bad startup crash on a few Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

We worked really hard to bring you this new update as fast as possible. We hope you enjoy it and if you do, please take a second to rate Infinite Flight in your respective app store, we really appreciate your feedback.

Happy landings!


Amazing news!

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Yaaaaaaaaaay! I thought it would be ages until this was finished!


Thank you guys for creating such an amazing sim, this is just amazing how far you guys have come


I assume ‘Air Canada Route’ is a typo.

Amazing work devs, I can’t wait for this one to roll out. Sadly, waiting for this Apple update will be the longest week of my life.


Thanks I wasn’t expecting it so quick


Chapeau to the development team; you guys are literally flying making of IF an outstanding simulator!


Sounds great but this thing about the Callsigns… It will ruin the callsign stratagy we use at our VA and how on earth will it solve the offensive callsign issue!!!


Ex: callsign FUUCK now pronounces as Foxtrot-Uniform-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo.



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Language Michael. Don’t make me bring the lawyers.


man… you’re everywhere :(


Looking forward! Thanks a lot guys!

You still have them lawyers how many now you got 😂😉


Yes that bit is very good… But the limitations to 8… At our Air A320 virtual airline (another manager is @Belfast_spotter) our Callsigns have to be for example Air320-43. It is already annoying we can’t use AirA320-43. But what do we do now? Ar320-43!!!

People complain that there aren’t enough updates well now there’s been 2 amazing updates in the same month.
Thank you everyone


He has too many!

Haha ino he does Michael & I think I know you from the old forum remember a Pilot17?

Damn that was fast.

@nick_art Your swiss A319 is finally here.

Now that swiss is down what livery are we going to obsess over now