Infinite Flight November 2015 update, part 2!

I know this is nitpicky, but it’s “Air Canada Rouge”, not “Air Canada Route” @Philippe

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Yep, that rings a bell :)

Haha yep that’s me mate

Yaaaaayyyyyy! The iOS wait begins :(


Vim glad you kept some of the liveries a surprise, hope you do the same with future updates.

Let´s wait for the b789 and a321 redesign now :))

I fixed it, a few seemed to have picked that up.

My lawyers were awaiting a call, you are lucky.

Wow! That was fast! Thanks so much guys! I can’t wait to get my hands on the A318, >:3

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Thank you so much for making the Letter callsigns happen :D

Boom. Kudos guys.

anyone who gets the update I would be grateful for a picture of EGBE in the London region :-P

And a swiss A319 :D Thank you so much :D

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This particular type of callsign is not intended to be used as flight number which is different. We will continue to improve the system based on usage but for now we had to have more restrictions since we received too many complains (we should have restricted it from the beginning and slowly allowed more options).

Are the a319 and a318 paid?


Finally Swiss! :)

I did not even get time to fly the A320 that the A318/319 is already coming!

Thanks a lot/Merci beaucoup :)


There will be callsings possible like LUFTHANSA 6EN won’t they?

The A319 is supposedly paid, and the A318 is free with 20 purchases.

Take this with a grain of salt, the developers did not confirm this, although it is likely.

I have live+ anyway lol I was just being nosy ✈️✈️

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Looking forward to it, great work guys! Would love to have seen a Monarch though :/ emphasized text

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