Infinite flight not working on Wi-Fi or Cellular

So last week I got a RED iPhone 8 Plus and infinite flight is not liking it. I’ve reinstalled it and restarted my device but it still isn’t working. Anyone have help?

Confirm what ios you’re running?

Also, confirm permissions have been set to allow IF to use cellular/Wi-Fi and there’s nothing in place stopping it? (I’m not 100% on if this is a setting you have available on Apple)

Im on iOS 12 dev beta

Hello there!

Please specify the issue. App crash upon startup, or connection issue? Or is it another issue?

And take a look at this post regarding the usage of iOS beta software while running Infinite Flight:


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That’s why. IF does not currently support IOS 12 beta which is why it is not working properly.

IF will support IOS 12 when the full version comes out, which I don’t believe is until October.

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We currently have no support for the Developer Beta. It’s on your own risk. Recommend you downgrade.

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