Infinite flight not working on Bluestacks 4

Ok so I downloaded bluestacks 4 on mac and I downloaded and opened infinite flight, but it didn’t load in for some reason. It just opened a black screen. Is there anything I can do to help?

Infinite Flight is not supported on bluestacks, so it is unlikely we can help you

Ohh, ok. Does it work with the 5 version on mac/is 5 supported o mac?

It isn’t officially supported on any emulator or computer, just mobile devices.

Someone more experienced with it here may be able to help, though it is unlikely

Ok thanks!!

@AviatorDan had recently made a video about it. He might be able to help you out!

this is wrong information, right now I’m flying IF on Bluestacks

@Dreamlinermaxneo try the version
4 110 0 1081
4 140 2 1004

yup IF can run on Bluestack, but if you want to pitch up and down, can use trim only, and any third party like joystick not supported. Who said that IF cant run on BS, actually he never used it.

This is somewhat correct information as we do not officially support it. If it works it works, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t.

I use the keyboard, there is a configuration to make it work just like the cell phone

of course, it doesn’t have a smooth movement, but using only the trim is left out

well did you understand what i meant

I get I’m beating a dead horse and it’s already been answered, but I just want to clarify once again that Bluestacks is not an officially supported platform. This applies to windows and macOS, the same is said for ChromeOS. You will not receive official support on this issue as it has been stated before that it isn’t offically supported.

This is not to say that it will or won’t work. Bluestacks runs on a near infinite array of devices with varying hardware configurations. There is, in all possibly, a slim chance that it may work on your device. There is also a high probability that it won’t work. Personally, it doesn’t work on my laptop, nor on either of my PCs. It gets to the loading screen and crashes. It has been this way ever since the 19.4 update. There are just so many different variables in a PC compared to a mobile device.

Mac compatibility with bluestacks is a whole other can of worms. I strongly recommend if you have a capable mobile device, use that instead. You will have a much more pleasant experience. Infinite Flight compatibility with controllers and joysticks through Bluestacks is flaky to say the least due to how the emulator handles control surfaces. It’s much easier to just use the simulator as intended, with your device gyroscope

On another note, importing/ exporting replays in Bluestacks has also been an issue for some people, and if you wish to appeal a violation, you’ll need that replay 🤷

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