Infinite flight not opening

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Speedbird 1708 heavy

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20.2 (465)

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iPhone 7 Plus


It started when I finished a flight this Saturday, and when I clicked end flight, the app just closed. But know, I can’t even get in the app anymore ! Maybe because of the new beta update ? I don’t know.
Hope you can fix this !

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Hey there, have you updated to the latest build? (468) then restart device and try to launch again

Yes I did, and I could not open the app after updating it

In that case I would suggest removing and reinstalling the beta and then report back

So did what you just said and sadly, the app will not open

Hello, just wondering, what should I do now, because I am playing on my dads phone, and he doesn’t want me to play on his phone

Hi, short of removing beta and reinstalling (which you have tried) or reverting back to 20.1 and checking that, I’m not what else to recommend at this stage

Hopefully someone else can chip in with some other recommendations…

Often times issues in beta are not handled like support topics. Some issues may be present for a while until a new update is made. If you feel this is an issue you can always go back to the 20.1 version.

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Ok, I will see about that, but I just want to point out that there may be a little issue with the b 777-300 LR, because when in normal camera mode, when I zoom out at a certain point, there is a little thing that pops out between the fuselage and beginning of the right wing. But apart from that, love your work !

Hello, I tried everything and now it works ! Sorry to bother you.

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