Infinite flight not loading

Hello, I have been trying for over a day to get onto IF and it will
not load up. I have got pro subscription and it is just wasting my
money as I cannot get on. I have screenshots to prove that i
can’t load up onto the simulator

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Hmmmm…it’s all good on my end. And if you had an internet issue you would get a different error.

Did you download the proper version of Infinite Flight from the App Store/Play Store?

Personally I’m not sure about that, I’ve had that error many times on my poor quality internet; it only stopped happening once the router was replaced.

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Yes it is!, I’m in a virtual airline for Tui aswell

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Based on @Tsumia’s reply - I was not aware this error can be attributed to poor internet.

I would check your router!

Error code 8 means there is a connection issue with your internet. Reboot your device and try again is usually the first step.


That happens to me all the time. Just disconnect from internet and rejoin. :)


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