Infinite Flight not loading first time

Hey! I’m having this issue with my phone that when I open the app Infinite Flight doesn’t load. When I stop the app from running in the background and try again it works. I’m rather confused with this issue.
Phone: Pixel 2
OS: Android Pie
Steps taken: Restarted device and Reinstalled IF

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Yes, try that.

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Update: I reinstalled IF. It appears that it still continues only after I shut my phone off and turn it back on.


How much space you have left?

I have 36 GB left on my phone

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Does this problem occur with both WiFi or Cellar internet?

Both actually. It happens at home or away.

Strange… I also have a pixel 2, one running stock Android 9 Pie and another one using the latest developer preview, and I’ve never had this issue on my devices.

Do any other apps struggle to launch first time around?

Have not had other apps do this. Nothing is close to demanding as IF.

Do you have apps open in the background as it happens?

I have had apps open in the background. I don’t think my phone should struggle with that however.

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I have a pixel 2 and have not experienced this.

Do you have any utilities or virus scanners running that may be interferring? Process killers, battery optimizers? Etc?

I have had where if it has been while with it in background mode that it is best to kill and restart. Is that what you are saying?

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Nope nothing like that, I didn’t even have data saver on. Just there was apps like messages and stuff.

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