Infinite flight not getting account statistics

Your Callsign

I F A E Eleven

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465) & (983)

Device Information

Samsung S10
Ipad 6th Gen

Android 10
IOS 14.0.1


loading into IF givening me an error saying can’t get my latest account statistics. Check connection

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • and see error message

Expected results

Head direct to the main menu with out encounting an error

Actual results

Error message showing up once loading into the app

More Information

Happening on both my ipad and Samsung s10. I tried trouble shooting this issue by restating the app and also a device restart. After the device restart long loading times occur. Once I leave the app and come back it shows an error

Working on this, thanks

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