Infinite Flight not detecting Thrsutmaster Hotas X Joystick

Ok, thanks ;)

Thanks Gabriel

I have the joystick responding to (A, S, D, W) now :-)

Do you know how I could find the right keyboard bindings for all of the other buttons etc. on my Thrustmaster Hotas Joystick?



Just remembering, every time you open or infinite flight you will have to do this key delete setting

Yes to use other functions of your Joystick you will need to add these buttons (touch point) on top of the function on screen and configure along with joytokey to make it work.

Hello, I ask you not to give wrong information on my topic ok.
This goes for all inclusive IF team members.
Let’s make it clear for those who don’t understand. The infinite team does NOT support emulation.
How much the joystick does not work or does not have a driver that makes bluestacks understand. The best way to do this is to use the mouse setting on the swipe option and try to configure joysticks on that option.

I turned away from IF and will be like this for a while until I change certain rules but that does not change the fact that I created and left help topics for all emulators but starting with the wrong information can end up discrediting my topics and that is not beneficial.

These are the commands you can use in IF.
Use also the mouse as joysticks works well. If you can install the joystick as a mouse it will work perfect.

In these functions you control everything with the keyboard and use the mouse for basic functions. I don’t want to use the mouse as a joystick so I use this setting.
Remember that the commands above 1 to 5 are to control engines the others control everything like collecting wheels turn lights etc etc

I did not give him information about your topic at some point for him, I just used his topic to show that infinite flight works on Bluestacks and I used it as an example, everything I explain to him is to my knowledge with the simulator on bluestacks

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