Infinite Flight not detecting Thrsutmaster Hotas X Joystick


My Infinite Flight app on my PC is not detecting Thrsutmaster Hotas X Joystick

I have checked the control panel and my joystick status is ‘ok’ and when i test it in properties it responds.

The joystick is plugged into the PC I am running infinite flight on

How do i ensure my infinite app detects the joystick pls?

Any help gratefully received asap as it is my little boys 9th birthday today and he is expecting it to be working when he is in from school :-(

Thx in advance


Have you read through these guides? If not, they should help you solve your problem.

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I don’t know if you tried this, but close live flight and open it back up while you are in the game on infinite flight. Go to setting in game and use networked joystick. That usually works for me.

Sounds like you’re using Bluestacks? If so, Infinite Flight currently does not support being run on Bluestacks and one thing i do know to not work is joysticks.


Sorry to hear. Do you have LiveFlight connect running to your mobile device or no

thanks. Can you tell me where I would find “use networked josytick” in the settings? I can’t see it. Thx again, Kevin

I am using bluestacks yes. Should I be using something else on a PC to run infinite flight? Thanks, Kevin

Bluestacks doesn’t support IF on a computer.

I have Infinite Flight on bluestacks and mobile so for your jostick to work on Bluestacks you need to download another program (JoyToKey)

and to use on the mobile device you can buy an OTG cable or connect via LiveFlightConnect

I hope this helps

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thanks. what would i use to run infinite flight on a PC (if bluestacks doesnt work)?

Note - my joysitck is plugged into a USB port on the PC as well

Thx for your help

Here’s how to set up, but your joystick will work like a keyboard.

And yes bluestacks performs infinite flight

Hmmm, @schyllberg says it’s not

No no. I said we haven’t developed any support for it. It may run, but we can’t guarantee proper functionality :)


thanks Gabriel.

I have installed joytokey and when I open it up and move the joystick it correctly highlights each of the buttons in the list.

I then shutdown bluestacks and restarted it. However the joystick is not being picked up in the infinite flight game.

What should i do next please?

Thx, Kevin

Take a read of this topic.

well, come on, look at the bottom right corner, which has a keyboard, depending on your version may be elsewhere

Then click on it, it will open this other window, swipe down, and drag this option (tilt) to your screen, and there set the keys (W, A, S, D) just like in JoyToKey

and this will work

Thanks Gabriel.

I have dragged tilt to the screen and set (W, A, S, D). Then saved those changes.

Even though the game responds when I push the keys (W, A, S, D) it doesn’t respond to the joystick being moved?

Thanks and sorry! I really appreciate your help

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Will you develop support for it in the near future @schyllberg?

did not work? go to the Infinite Flight Controls> Commands settings and delete the following options

if that doesn’t work, I don’t know if it can be, but try flying on the keyboard, it’s great

No plans for that, no.

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