Infinite Flight no posts in several days

Heyo. I’ve noticed that Infinite Flight haven’t posted anything on their social media accounts for the past 4 days. (some stories on instagram)
Do anyone know why this is? I know there sometimes is 1-2 days without posting but I’ve never experienced 4 days!

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It was the weekend. I would just be patient.


Can anyone stop the universe please? I didn’t get enough time to enjoy weekends again :(

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Most likely tomorrow. But we never know

Not everything necessarily has a deep meaning. Sometimes there’s just no big news/events or personal reasons. No need to worry!


I noticed it had been a while, but, I wouldn’t worry. Think of it like this, the less time they spent posting pretty pictures of 777s on Instagram, the more time they have to give us the 777 so we can post our own pretty pictures of the 777 on Instagram:)

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That’s right!

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