Infinite Flight Night Edit

I’m back with another Photoshop edit and this time with a different edit.
I decided to take a screenshot of an aircraft during night and edit that to make it look what the community would want.
I added landing lights, taxiway lights (green), stop bar lights (red), a distant city in the background along with city lights, and another skybox remake.
The edit is kind of incomplete but Photoshop didn’t render all my layers so only a portion of my edit came out. The missing parts are only the taxiway lights so not that big of a deal.
Hope you guys like it

Aircraft- Boeing 737-900
Livery- Korean Air
Airport- KLAX
Terminal Gate- West Gate 205C




Wow that is a great edit. Keep 'em coming!


Man that’s nice. And now i know where taxiway lights are. There those green and blue lights on the taxiway. The lighting on the ground is also amazing. And the cityline to looks nice. I learned what taxiway lights where on this picture.

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I won’t have time to make any more edits since I have to start working on the South Korean region for Global Flight :s

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glad i was able to execute what i tried to do

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Actually, we don’t have this light on the ground…

i mean i can’t make everything seem real life i have my limits lol

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i appreciate the feedback tho
it helps me make my edits better for the future

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This one is great, I love how you make in literally every day 😂

Yes! This is amazing! Make more! :D

The editing power is strong and hard. Doing something like that takes lot’s of time.

Are you a part of the IF Editing team?

Its hard but i still manage to do it :D

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I’m part of the airport editing team if that’s what you’re asking me.
Other than that, nope

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Took me 2 days
Mainly cuz of photoshop crapping out on me

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Is that the Chicago skyline?

I will try but i most likely cant cuz i have get started on the south korean region for global flight

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Damn! That’s epic @Jompa!

No its a picture i took in hong kong for photography class

Damn, thanks!

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