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Airbus A380 Rework

Developers have been working really hard to get the new and reworked A380 out for us. We have some clues of when it will be out, and i don’t know when it will be out, either. Someone on the Offical rework thread for the A380 found this clue in the ATC schedule. Now this does not say that it’ll be out but it could be!

Source: @Tyler_Shelton

Confirmed Liveries for the A380

This list shows the confirmed liveries for the A380

Crazy 2024

What do you think about the start of 2024 aviation? Doors falling off, Collisions, Landing on highways, A lot more. Do you think that the Max 9 should have been grounded? i stand neutral.


(Stands for What-would-you-do-Questions)

1: If you got to work/ own IF, What would you do? Tell us why and what you would do!

2: Would you panic if you have to fly the Max 9? Why or why not?

3: What airline would you want to own? why?

4: Your camera dies and your favorite plane comes in? WWYD?

5: WWYD if this newsletter needs improvement? (contact me and let me know)


Would you rather:

  • Fly GA
  • Fly Commercial
  • Fly cargo
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  • GemniJets
  • Daron
  • NG
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  • Have the Challenger 350 stay
  • Take it out and get the citation
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  • 777X
  • A35K
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  • Random one-
  • McDonalds burger
  • Burger king burger
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Cool topics to check out

Attention aircraft, Live servers down?

The live servers are fixed!


Very creative! I love this haha

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i thought it would be a good idea :)

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It indeed is!

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More news for today

It’s a good start to an idea, although creating newsletters and the such for Infinite Flight isn’t the best idea, especially on the official forum itself. Everything in the topic is readily avaliable information that is super-easy to access, or has a belonging in other existing topics ;)