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Infinite Flight Announces Community Meetup at London Heathrow

By: @jakey2_0

The latest Infinite Flight meetup was announced this morning by Misha. It’s planned to be hosted at London Heathrow on the 15th of June, and will be a great way to meet other community members face-to-face and enjoy some plane spotting.

Our newest editor, Jake, has the full story in our latest article.

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Infinite Flight: The Best Approaches - Episode 1

By: @Harry_Cook

IFN’s Articles Director, Harry Cook, kicked off the first episode of a new series in which we will be searching for the best approaches in Infinite Flight.

For the first episode, we’re jetting off to Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport in the Austrian Alps. Settled in Northwest Austria, this small airport handles a variety of aircraft, offering only one runway but possibly the greatest approach in Europe.

Discover what makes this approach so special, along with some recommended routes to try it for yourself in our latest article.



April 15, 2019

This week's edition of IFC Weekly mailed out to subscribers today!

This week, we celebrated the fact that the A350 is being developed, and that jetBlue is heading to London. We also welcomed some new members to the IFVARB and will get the chance to meet some community members in London this summer.

Read about all that and more in this week’s edition of IFC Weekly. If you are not a subscriber, consider subscribing to get all future editions delivered right to your inbox.

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Tyler Shelton

By: @CR3W

IFN has a new interview up today! Our Interviews Director, CR3W, got the chance to interview ATC Community Manager Tyler Shelton. In this interview, we get a look at what goes into making the ATC Schedule, managing IFATC, and even his experience as a controller in real life.

A special thanks to @Tyler_Shelton for the chance to interview him!

Be on the lookout for more question threads and interviews coming soon from our awesome Interviews team.



IFC Weekly, April 22

Hello all! Due to the holiday weekend, this week's edition of IFC Weekly will be a day late. We appreciate your understanding as our staff enjoy their usual writing time with friends and family. We'll see you on Tuesday! Have a great weekend.



Infinite Flight: The Best Approaches - Episode 2

For the second episode of our best approaches series, we are taking a look at Queenstown, nestled in the mountains on New Zealand’s South Island. Discover what makes this beautiful, and sometimes challenging approach so special, along with some recommended routes to try it out for yourself in our latest article.