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In its latest iteration, Infinite Flight News was founded in the Spring of 2019. IFN consists of 3 organizations that have merged together – IFC Weekly, Infinite Flight Community Interviews, and the original IFN. Together, we can achieve more. Our goal is to provide the most wide-ranging scope of news surrounding Infinite Flight, all in one place. We achieve this through our network of media on our site, consisting of articles, interviews, a weekly newsletter, and extra features you won’t see anywhere else.

You can find all of our content online via the link above, and stay tuned to all new content by setting this thread to “watching” and following us on social media.

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For specific inquiries, please contact a department head.

Staff Contact
Name Position Profile (Please PM)
Riley Moyer CEO @rileymoyer
Kyle B. IFC Weekly Director @trio
CR3W Interviews Director @CR3W
Michael Articles Director @Michael

Writing about the simulator you love in your free time doesn’t sound half bad, does it? If you’d like to join our team, click here to apply for an open position.



We are not affiliated with Infinite Flight, LLC. The Infinite Flight News name, brand, and service are being continued with the permission of the original owner, Michael, and original site administrator, Thomas R. For official inquiries or questions about legal claims, please contact @rileymoyer.

IFCI - Infinite Flight Community Interviews | 2019 Edition
IFN Interviews Question Thread | Levet

Glad to be a part of the team! :D

Can’t wait to succeed together!!!


Looks fantastic! I love waking up Monday morning and reading IFC Weekly.

Looking forward to the three working together! :)


Excited to be apart of the team!


We are so happy to be back and have all 3 organizations under one roof! We truly believe that we are better together and cannot wait to start producing more content. We currently have some articles and interviews on the website, with much more exciting content on the way, including Monday’s edition of IFC Weekly.

– Riley



Amazing work team! 2 or more months in the making? Time flew by so fast!


That sound fantastic


Join Our Team

Hello! We would like to remind you that we are currently accepting applications to join our Editors and Newsletter team. These roles do not require a lot of commitment and are like an extension of the fun that you have on Infinite Flight and in the community. As an editor or contributor, you would help to produce content for the whole community with IFN. If you are interested, please feel free to apply. We just ask that you carry yourself well and have an open mind – we are happy to train!

Thanks so much for your consideration!


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This week’s edition of IFC Weekly mailed out to subscribers today! We apologize for the delay posting here, but if you are a subscriber you can take cut out the middle man because editions are delivered right to your inbox.

This week we looked at yesterday’s server outages, some fun events like last week’s Sun ‘n Fun Flash Flight, and showed you our featured ATC Airport this week. In the Real World Aviation Category, we took a look at Delta’s plans to cater to more parts of passengers’ travel journeys.

In other news, we are proud to announce that IFC Weekly has reached over 100 subscribers! We are so proud of this and thank all of you for your support. Stay tuned – you may see something cool to celebrate soon. Have a wonderful week!

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This looks great, I just applied!


Just applied! Hopefully all goes well!

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Is there an estimated amount of time to here back how we did?

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Hi, Jackson.

We currently do not have an estimated ETA for when people will be notified about their application. We don’t think it should be too much longer though.

Anymore questions you can feel free to send to my inbox.


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Thanks!! I do have a question so I will PM you


To all who have applied for a position here at Infinite Flight News: thank you! We have received lots of amazing looking applications. We plan to review all of these and personally reach each applicant by the week's end.

If you have not yet applied and would be interested in doing so, there is still time to be part of our first round of new hires! We are looking to take on a fairly large number of talented individuals to work on producing amazing content.

Thank you so much for your patience. We look forward to reviewing your applications by the week’s end!



Infinite Flight Releases Development Timeline, A350 Included

We have a new article up on the site! In our latest article, we take a look at the new development timeline, and the first thing on it – the A350. This long-awaited aircraft will be a huge feat for Infinite Flight when completed, but there is a long road ahead. Luckily, with the new development timeline, you can follow along every step of the way.

Click Above to Read



Tyler Shelton

Our first Interview is ready for its questions from you, the Community!

Tyler Shelton, our first interview subject, is Infinite Flight’s ATC Manager, as well as a real-life ATC Controller. He oversees the wonderful IFATC Program here on Infinite Flight.

We’d like to thank Tyler for accepting our invite to join us as we start our new adventure here at IFN. With this Interview, you have the chance to get some insight on how IFATC got up and running, how the weekly schedule is produced and other interesting aspects of his life.

If you have any questions you would like to see us ask Tyler, submit them here. Some questions may be used in our interview!



Looking good! I don’t have time to join. But if you need an advisor. Hit me up.

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Wow! What a great idea guys! It will definitively make IF a better place…

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Make sure to fill out the Google form before time is up! Tyler will be ready to answer his given questions very soon so don’t miss out on this chance.

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