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IFN is an organization founded by a group of Infinite Flight enthusiast in order to bring you the latest news and updates surrounding Infinite Flight. Founded in 2016, Infinite Flight News is dedicated to bringing high-quality content to all IF users. IFN is and will always be your number one place for Infinite Flight updates and news.

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In addition to a steady flow of weekly articles, IFN also provides interviews, VA and Event Press Releases, Polls, and the latest information on updates and changes within Infinite Flight. Infinite Flight News also reports on current events within the community, keeping you updated on all the latest stories.

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We operate on the premise that no matter who you are, you have the right to accurate and safe news that is easily accessible. Not only does IFN take pride in its professionalism, but it will also uphold itself to the highest standards possible at all times.

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One of our most important aspects is that of articles. IFN promises to our users, weekly articles, that range from intriguing debates to mellow reviews. The possibilities are endless and with no set schedule, IFN can continually push unique and interesting articles no matter the circumstances.

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Since our founding, we have interviewed some of the most well-known individuals in the community. Here’s just a few of the many interviewees:

| | |
Laura Laban | CEO & Co-Founder at FDS |
NEO | Former Community Moderator & IFVARB |
Dush | Airport Editing Staff & IFATC Controller |
Erwin Tejano | IFPHG |
Misha Camp | Community Moderator |
Val | Infinite Flight Developer |
Carson | Former Community Moderator |

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IFN also writes on new updates and releases. This includes aircraft, scenery updates, and new features, giving you the latest scoop on what’s new.

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Owner | @Michael |
Administrator | @ThomasR |
Administrator | @Boodz_G |
Administrator | @TheInitialVirus |
Head of Internal Affairs | @Connor |
Editor | @rileymoyer |
Editor | @InfiniteFlightGuyYT |
Editor | @TwinsRock88 |

In order to apply to a vacant position, click this link , and fill out the form that follows. After successfully submitting your application, an IFN administrator will contact you requesting all remaining information via the IFC. Eligibility requirements are listed on the form.

To join our team as a regular editor, click this link

Notice : IFN has no obligation to accept any form submitted. Applicants can be denied if necessary.

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In order to stay updated on all the latest information, follow us on social media! Updates pertaining to IFN will be posted there.

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We aim to reply to all queries within 24 hours.

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Glad see this! Good luck all!!


Glad to see you guys back! Looking forward to the content


Nice Thread guys! Glad you’re back!


Glad to see us back in business! Happy to be a part of the team.


Great jobs guys! Glad to see you back. Look forward to seeing some more awesome content soon.


This is going to be good!


Nice clean thread! Nice to see this back. I may have applied for a staff postiton don’t kill me CR3W


I applied! this sounds awesome


Glad to see you guys back!


You used to be one of my favourite sites for global news! Glad to see you guys are back!


Really nice looking thread guys! Managing a 10,000+ follower account on Instagram really mustn’t be easy! The amount of notifications I got when I hosted my “takeover” during RAF Cosford FlightSimShow was crazy!


Might wanna look at your spelling there. 😂

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Calling All Writers!

IFN is always looking for editors who are dedicated to upholding a high-quality standard. Writing is an underappreciated ability and we’d love for anyone who has a passion for it to apply as an IFN editor. Remember to click the link provided below if you’d like to join the team!


Our first new article is out! Today, we look at a debate that shook the community a while ago: the voting system. Some believed it should be removed, while most wanted to keep it. I look at both sides and construct a practical argument for both. Click here to get the full story.

Also, be on the lookout for some new staff selections. Remember that the Interviewer and Editor positions are still very much available!


Welcome our Lead Recruiter!

We would like to congratulate @James_Lang in being successful in joining the IFN team as our Lead Recruiter. James will be responsible for opening new staff/editorial positions, overseeing the recruitment process and selecting new members to join our team. We wish him all the best in his new role.


Hello IFC! We have a few announcements we need to make regarding staffing positions and articles.

Firstly, a new article is finally released! “Future of Infinite Flight” will be a series of articles dedicated to acknowledging the exciting features that could be coming to the sim in the future. The first article is centered around taxiway lights, which you can read here. These articles are based off of what the developers have told us, along with some mild speculation.
We also want to inform everyone that articles should be coming out much more frequently after we hire new editors shortly. The editor position is still open for those who want to join!

Finally, the Lead Recruiter position will be terminated shortly, meaning that the Interviewer position will be the only fillable position. It is also still open.

Thank you for the continued support! New updates should be coming soon!


Congratulations on the matter of taxi lights. In addition to explaining, it served to have a vision what could come on infinite flight in the future


One of our newest editors, @rileymoyer has released his first article! It outlines the recent scenery update and the circumstances behind it. Read here!

Another thing… we have many exciting things coming to IFN! Stay tuned! Along with that, we have fixed a few bugs and problems with the website. It should look much cleaner when you visit it!


New article! “18.6: What We Know So Far” outlines the current info we have surrounding the upcoming 18.6 update. Read here!