Infinite Flight News - $20 iTunes / Google Play Gift Card Giveaway

EDIT: Entries are closed. The winner is @Jeffrey1o2!

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Admins from Infinite Flight News have decided to host a giveaway, and we are giving away a $20 iTunes / Google Play Gift Card. Not $5, not $10, but $20. Do you want to renew your Live, purchase a new aircraft, or purchase all 4 of the brand-new C-130s? Well, now’s your chance!

Entries for this competition begin now, and entries will close on Wednesday, December 21st, PROMPTLY at 2100Z (4:00 PM EST).


You must use a C208 (any livery), weight settings Normal.
You will load up for a Landing on Runway 02 at WMBT, in the Singapore/Kuala Lumpur Region.
Once you start flying, open the Menu and click “Short Final”.
You will then have to land your C208 on Runway 02 from Short Final. Landing must be completed in HUD View.
I will attach a screenshot below with weather settings you must configure.


In order to submit your entry, first Upload the video to YouTube. Then, PM me with a link to your video.

Judging will start once entries are closed. You will be judged based on:

  • Landing V/S
  • Proximity to Center Line upon touchdown
  • Distance to the End of the Runway

The winner will be announced on Saturday, December 24th, at 2100Z (4:00 PM EST). Best of luck to everyone who enters! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

– IFN Bobby



By distance to end if runway I’m guessing you mean it’s better to stop with less runway left right


What is IFN?

You are correct.

IFN stands for Infinite Flight News. We first joined Instagram in April of this year, and have grown to over 2,500 followers. We provide the Infinite Flight Community on Instagram with all news relating to Infinite Flight.


Bobby, you might wanna ask Michael for the newer logo, that is the older one ;)

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Can’t wait to see the entries!

Check our group chat quickly please.

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Why iTunes only?

We can do Google Play, too. Depends on what the winner wants.

Really, it dont matter to me because I have Live+, but im just backing up any other Android users.

This could be interesting…

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15 days of shooting approaches at WMBT!


Is it enough if I use my phone’s camera to film it?
I’d prefer not to start trying some screen recorders.

Any recording is fine. As long as we see your landing :)

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Okay, thanks!

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I can not seem to find a good screen recorder :(
Does someone know a good screen recorder for IOS?

It’s fine if you don’t have a screen recorder. Using the camera of another device is fine.

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I know but I prefer screenrecorder.( and my fingers are fat😂 and my phone is not that big)

Just play it back in Replay, and video it then. That way your fingers won’t be in the way. :)

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