Infinite Flight needs to start pushing out updates for some major things!

I love Infinite Flight. The developers are extremely talented and they have created a flight simulator that is realistic when it comes to navigation and aircrafts. However, I feel as though they need to make some important changes to the simulator, as it can be lacking. As a developer myself, I know these tasks are not just a do it and done sort of thing, especially on mobile without raising the price significantly, but I would like the developers at Infinite Flight to start showing some concern for these issues and features. Here they are:

  1. Add 3D buildings for major cities, Google has some APIs for developing shadow and depth in maps.
  2. Make some adjustments to autopilot for smooth transitions.
  3. Update some planes slightly and add live cockpits to them.
  4. Add some clouds.

These features and adjustments can really push Infinite Flight far ahead of the competition. I would like to know what you all think about these adjustments. I know not all of them can be done quickly, but it would be nice to let the developers know we are wanting some of these features.


Hi there and welcome to the community. Everything you have mentioned has been requested and is listed in the #features category for you to vote on.

Time and technology are the biggest hurdles so as mobile technologies improve the developers will adapt and develope what they can.

Also please note that the community requires you to be trust level 2 (tl2) before you are able to post in #features.