Infinite Flight Navdata - Visualized

Hi, I was playing around with navdata recently and made a thingy that generates heatmaps in the process, so I thought I’d share. Now, I’d like to not make any illusions here - what you’ll see is not all of navdata, as, for obvious reasons, data from navblue can’t be shared publicly. With that said, even just the public part of it contains almost 265 thousand fixes and another 25 thousand of other navdata types, such as VOR and NDB, so there’s plenty of data even without navblue.

But let’s talk about visualization. While usually heatmaps are built with circles, as you can, for example, see here, I went with an approach of generating squares which represent a set square of latitude x longitude, where the brighter the square is - the more navdata it contains. In some maps the size of a square is significantly bigger than on the other - that’s just because sometimes there just isn’t enough data to make it look good on smaller square sizes. With that said, here are some maps I’ve generated that I felt look cool:

0.1° x 0.1° squares, all navdata

0.1° x 0.1° squares, only fixes

0.4° x 0.4° squares, only VOR

0.4° x 0.4° squares, only NDB

0.5° x 0.5° squares, only ILS
ILS here is a localizer which has a corresponding glideslope and vice-versa

Color palettes from
Navdata from IFAET Github
Maps generated using Swift
Generated maps edited in Pixelmator


Can I get a heat check


Very cool @Alexander_Nikitin!

this reminds me of those Mobile Data ad Maps 😂

Wow that looks insane! I love the first map as the blue makes it look like in the videos when computer networks are displayed

You’re not alone here - everyone I shown this to also thinks that the blue one is the best one

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Welcome back to Alex casually creating some map thing that looks complex but honestly I am too stupid to understand what it is.

no funny preview titles?

It’s fun to do when you have 1-2 pfps you can easily distinguish, not so when you have a lot of maps you can easily mix-up and which have a raw version and a version after a bit of touching-up in pixelmator. On the upside though I guess you can say the pics are better than the titles

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This is actually very cool.

Now this is really cool 😎

This is the kind of stuff computer wallpapers are made of, lol. And of course, cellular network ads too.

That’s really cool @Alexander_Nikitin!

Looks like a T-Mobile commercial if i ever did see one


btw the blue and white ones are the best imo

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