Infinite Flight - my opinion on the simulator

I just wanted to say that I’ve used a lot of flight simulators before and this is probably the best mobile one I’ve used
-it’s realistic
-safe for all ages
-simulates real life flying in a lot of good ways
-has a lot of real life flying features -I hope to see even more in the future of
-graphics are probably 8/10 from my opinion {could use some work}
-always fun to play-
-gives players a chance to pratice flying
-has all sorts of diffrent airlines, airports and airplanes
-and more
This is just a few of the hundreds of good reasons why this simulator is good and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like in the future
-I love to play this simulator

From: TheMinecraftKing_101
-Keep up the good work


Welcome to the forum! All of us here love IF as much as you do! Glad you enjoy IF!


Thank you @emir_sergio


Welcome Mr @TheMinecraftKing_101 and this is the place to be if you love Infinite Flight.


Thank you @Bulba

This is also probably the best multiplayer flight simulator I’ve played since fsx closed its multiplayer down

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I know it’s a advanced real world flight simulation that’s one way to describe this simulator @AmericanAirlines

A regular edited the title to say “game” instead of “simulator” it appears like. That’s unfortunate.
@TheMinecraftKing_101 I commend you greatly for calling it a simulator. You are correct:)
Besides that… we are thrilled to know you love IF as much as we do! Well written statements; I agree with you wholly.


Those pesky regulars think they can run the show!


I agree with all of these points. Infinite flight is becoming bigger and eventually may come to P.C. Btw welcome to the community


So, who is going to talk to the ‘Regular’ in question?


It’s great to see your enthusiasm!
Welcome to the community by the way.
There are people here from all over the world, so there’s always something going on.
The forum never sleeps. :)

Have you tried the search option on the top right?
There is so much information to be found here, as well as a lot of tutorials in #tutorials! ;)
When you can’t find something you’re looking for feel free to ask!

Most of us try to keep things as real as possible and have as much fun as possible in the process.

Happy flying!!

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Welcome to the community @TheMinecraftKing_101!
Enjoy the wonderful simulator, glad you like it!

Handy tip:

Go to the lines on the upper right hand corner and click “New”. You’ll see a bunch of new topics to post on!

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I hope it comes out for PC to because then I can connect some of my simulator controls up to it like my joystick

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A PC version is in the works
Download LiveFlight Connect for PC to use joystick

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Ahah coming from a regular😂🙈

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K and for now I can just use fsx If I want to use my joystick why I’m waiting for the PC version

I think they should stick to mobile and tablet devices because FDS are basically the kings of flight sim for android and ios:) they should keep making this app the best it can be because pc has a lot of competition FSX, XPLANE,AEROSOFT itll be hard to give something better than those that have been firmly established.

But if they stick to handheld devices then they can definitely change the world of flight simulators for ios and android:)!!


Well for fsx as far as I know they stopped developing it

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