Infinite flight multiplayer

I have been seeing people taking screenshots of different angles and detailed terrains on social media of infinite flight on iOS . However I cannot find an option for this
, I have a membership but I thought this would come as an extra

There is a little video camera button at the bottom right of your screen. Hold that down to see different camera options. You can navigate it by dragging.

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Click on the camera/video recorder thingy on the bottom right and then slide over to whatever camera angle that you want



Slide the Camera to the angle you catagory you want, then slide up to see different views. In order to do the angle that you have shown, go to the view “Tail” And you will see multiple boxes lined upward. Slide the Selector to the view “Right Wing” and your camera will switch to that view

what device are you using?

They’ve just answered his question. Not sure you need to ask about what device he is using! 😊🙄


It sounds like he doesn’t have the update…


Or low graphics settings?

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If he has an old device he probably doesn’t have global or he might need to check for the update

Well he hasn’t responded since he made the post, so let’s just wait and see what he says so we can help him.

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Hi all thank you for replying so quick, I am using an iPad mini 2 on the updated version of infinite flight. I have now found the wing angle but I am still trying to find the detailed scenery? All the ground looks flat and orange , I don’t know if this is a default setting but I have seen pictures of raised mountains etc. I am not in the expert server and I am level 2 so maybe the terrain is more detailed in the expert server ???

Thank you all

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Where are you flying? I suggest trying to fly out of Zurich and head south. You might see some good scenery then. Also, a screenshot of what you’re seeing will help.

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Try the following steps

  • Reinstall the app
  • Check your graphic settings and adjust to your desired level
  • Make sure you are flying in a area where satellite imagery is available currently

For a map of where you can find satellite imagery refer to the following, the area’s in orange and orange with black stripes are where it is available. The area’s which are not colored in mean there is no coverage there at the moment.

Very poorly worded. The orange and orange/black areas are only 15m HD scenery. The other scenery is available at much lower qualities.

That’s exactly what I said lol. The only difference is I used the term “satellite imagery” which is true.

Also, there is no satellite imagery at all for the rest even in low quality.

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The other scenery at lower qualities doesn’t stipulate whether it’s satellite or not. There is still scenery.

If you want to discuss this further, take it to PM.

You’re probably just in a flat part of the world. The terrain is based on the real world. What airport are you spawning at?

I am in EGLL Heathrow

Yeah, Britain isn’t much of an mountainous region. Best bet, is spawning North of Italy! Absolutely beautiful out there!


Yea, spawn somewhere that has mountains in real life.