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Infinite Flight Multiplayer Youtube Thread

After many years here on the community, I have decided to take my talents to the drawing board. This channel, which has accumulated over 1.3k subscribers is growing at an exponential rate thanks to our amazing community. I have received many requests to revive the channel, and here it is! I look forward to uploading in my free time, and stay tuned for some more amazing content. One of my passions is producing content to bring our community together, and I hope this channel can harbor that mission.

- Streams (i.e. Group Flights, Expert Server ATC Streams)
- Infinite Flight Movies
- Virtual Airline Collaboration Videos

Note - These are subjected to change based on what I feel I want to do and what feedback I am receiving.

Day Type Time Notes
Sunday Stream Noon Subject to change
Monday None N/A -
Tuesday None N/A -
Wednesday None N/A -
Thursday None N/A -
Friday Stream Evening -
Saturday Stream Evening Overnight -

Note all times are United States Eastern Time

Question Answer
What makes me eligible to work with you? I only work with IFVARB Approved VA/VOs.
What can you do? I am only doing promotional videos only at the moment.
What is the turn around time? Depends on my situation at the time, but usually a week.
What does your content look like? Click here to view content I have done so far.
Have you worked with VA/VOs in the past? Yes, I have. Not on promotional videos, but I have with graphics.
Where can I ask questions or learn more? Feel free to shoot @Duke a DM.
Are you affiliated with anyone? No, I do not affiliate myself with any VA/VO, nor do I treat anyone more than any other.

Interested VA/VOs Click Here

Please reserve questions and comments for Duke's DMs, and leave this thread to stream uploads and content from the channel.

Learn More

Interested VAs
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Upcoming Videos:

VA/VO Type Time
IFVARB Trailer Sat
airBaltic Promo Video Sun
EgyptAir Promo Video Sun

Prospective VA/VO DM me on Discord (check above in thread) server to learn more.


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Landing finally ^

Thank you for 1.3k everyone. Appreciate the support.