Infinite Flight Multiplayer (1.3k) | Official Thread

Infinite Flight Multiplayer Youtube Thread

After many years here on the community, I have decided to take my talents to the drawing board. This channel, which has accumulated over 1.3k subscribers is growing at an exponential rate thanks to our amazing community. I have received many requests to revive the channel, and here it is! I look forward to uploading in my free time, and stay tuned for some more amazing content. One of my passions is producing content to bring our community together, and I hope this channel can harbor that mission.

- Streams (i.e. Group Flights, Expert Server ATC Streams)
- Infinite Flight Movies
- Virtual Airline Collaboration Videos

Note - These are subjected to change based on what I feel I want to do and what feedback I am receiving.

Day Type Time Notes
Sunday Stream Noon Subject to change
Monday None N/A -
Tuesday None N/A -
Wednesday None N/A -
Thursday None N/A -
Friday Stream Evening -
Saturday Stream Evening Overnight -

Note all times are United States Eastern Time

Question Answer
What makes me eligible to work with you? I only work with IFVARB Approved VA/VOs.
What can you do? I am only doing promotional videos only at the moment.
What is the turn around time? Depends on my situation at the time, but usually a week.
What does your content look like? Click here to view content I have done so far.
Have you worked with VA/VOs in the past? Yes, I have. Not on promotional videos, but I have with graphics.
Where can I ask questions or learn more? Feel free to shoot @Duke a DM.
Are you affiliated with anyone? No, I do not affiliate myself with any VA/VO, nor do I treat anyone more than any other.

Interested VA/VOs Click Here

Please reserve questions and comments for Duke's DMs, and leave this thread to stream uploads and content from the channel.

Learn More

Interested VAs

Upcoming Videos:

VA/VO Type Time
IFVARB Trailer Sat
airBaltic Promo Video Sun
EgyptAir Promo Video Sun

Prospective VA/VO DM me on Discord (check above in thread) server to learn more.


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Landing finally ^

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Thank you for 1.3k everyone. Appreciate the support.


6 VAs are currently in the pipeline! Stay tuned for releases coming in June.

Thank you to all who have reached out. The sheer volume of applications at the moment is causing some delays.

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Keep it up, you’re doing great!

Thank you, I appreciate it.

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Little Update

For those interested, I will be streaming Infinite Flight content & MFS content with add-ons (JFK, LGA, etc.) in the coming days. Stay tuned for more.

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