Infinite Flight Movie - Virtual Pilot

Hello !

This video is my biggest project. I have been working on for 1 month and i’m very happy to share it with you !

This video is like a fan film of the Movie “Pilote” of High Pressure Aviation which i’m very fan of ! But in the wonderful simulator which is Infinite Flight ! Enjoy !

I would like to say Thanks to High Pressure Aviation who allowed me to use the soundtrack “Pilote”.

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback !

Here is the video !


That is so tranquil and peaceful. If this was a 20.2 IF movie omg you would have set the bar extremely high. Very well done.

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Thank you very much !

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I am sorry to say that this will not get the attention it deserves. After 2 years on the forum, I have yet to see a movie as immaculately professional and perfect as this one. Every single shot was perfect. Every single frame and transition was made beautifully. The soundtrack behind the video was touching, inspirational, BEAUTIFUL. This was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen on the forum. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this, and I hope you make another one!


Wow merci beaucoup ! For your amazing comment @JarrettFlies


Hey @Frenchix1. I think its time to get a small feedback from the perspective of a full-time filmmaker :)

I can clearly say that FINALLY someone focused on the STORY rather than racing with “who makes the best transitions in a video”. I love the B-Rolls you did and the small movements who fit to the scene. You clearly have the eye to create something beautiful like this. I loved the change to the moon at 06:05. The music was a great choice and harmonised well with the footages (I would maybe just shorten it to max 4-5 minutes). One small thing I would maybe add is for example at 03:46 a speed ramp combined with a dolly zoom effect who would fit perfectly to the music. But no complaints no worries. This video is a masterpiece and I can see all the efforts you did. I hope to see more beautiful videos like this on IF. Well done :)

PS: I have one criticism tho → I couldn’t see Turkish Airlines 😭😭 I cried so much!

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Thanks you very much for your comment and for your feedback ! It’s à great help for me !

And for the Turkish livery… Next time 😊😊

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