Infinite Flight Movie | United Airlines

Worked hard on this one :D


I sad. I need to make one of these. But I’m soo lazy. I need to do the American one. But in other words good job.

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why do you make things so intimidating to understand ;_;
but ty :D

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next vid :)

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Nice one bro

thanks bro

It’s really laggy.

I like this plenty…you’ve used the full range of the App to give a well detailed presentation which adds alot of depth to the video…i just started doing these myself about 3weeks ago…nicely done

This is amazing!

oh well

thanks! :D

No problem!

haha i saw your comment on youtube xD
thanks :D

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This video is outstanding!

it was fun making a film about my favorite airline

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Just one little question. how do you get the controls out (ex replay bar, throttle, etc)

just zoom in

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