Infinite Flight Movie - Sunrise

I have just finished my most recent Infinite Flight Movie, called “Sunrise”.

Please leave your feedback below, as it’ll be much appreciated! c:


Great job! Really well done!

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Nice movie, well done! There is always something magic in the morning light. Blue skies

@AVPA99 and @Laminar thanks so much for the feedback! 👍

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Hey InfiniteNick,
Overall, I think this was a great video! Nice job!
During the first half of the video, I maybe would have liked to see at least a couple more moving shots (instead of fixed/stationary), but I started seeing more moving camera shots towards the middle, which was good.
Also, when it went in and out of the black screen around 1:48, I felt that it would’ve been nice if you had changed the camera view after each black screen. For example, you could have a front view, then the screen could go black, and then you could show a side view, screen goes black, top view, etc.

But those are my only suggestions - this was certainly an excellent video! Thanks for sharing this with us.


Thank you for the feedback! This is the type of feedback I was looking for. I will definitely add those suggestions in the next video. 👍

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Well made video. Love it

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