Infinite Flight Movie’s (Hello Seattle/ World)

Hello IFC,

I’ve currently been working on a new movie based around what this month is known for or brings awareness to. I just wanted to share some of my older creations. I have tried some new movie techniques and some new types of Infinite Flight movies I haven’t seen on YouTube! I hope you enjoy them. Feedback is well appreciated!

I highly recommend wearing both headphones and setting the quality up. This will allow for the best experience. 🙂

Infinite Flight Movie Hello Seattle. This movie is based within a 100 miles (or less) barrier around seattle, showcasing the amazing terrain and landscapes within this small section of the world. There is minimal aircraft used as this is mainly showing off the Seattle area. The music is soft and gentle.

Link to video:

The next Infinite Flight movie I am sharing is an Infinite Flight Movie showcasing the world’s beautiful terrain and scenery. I plan to make a part 2 In the future. This movie contains little to no aircraft. No airplanes, just the world.

Link to video:

I hope you enjoy the videos! 😄

(I hope this topic is fine… I haven’t made one in a long time. I read the rules…)


I loved your video! The moment I saw the title I was expecting that exact song to start playing.

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Thanks! It’s very close to the song that I intended but it’s less of a copyright issue. 😄

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