Infinite Flight Movie - Polarized

I’m back making movies, this time, of the newly reworked B757!
I have to say, Infinite Flight did another amazing job in reworking this one.


Very nice! Keep it up!

Thank you!

Amazing video. Keep the high quality vid’s up!

Most of us here use apple commercial music, and I don’t think Polarized was the best one for an IF trailer. As for the video, the shot of the cargo door opening from bellow is absolutely amazing with the music. The don’t hold back part would have been a bit better if you had a bit of zooming in it. Some of the shots are beautiful though, like the one on 0:52. And the transition from engines to music around 1:20 is perfect

Thanks, appreciate your support trhu out my movies! 😊

It’s actually the first time I’ve chosen a apple comercial music for a Infinite Flight Movie, if you look on my channel you’ll find dozens of cinematic movies with cinematic music, better than this one I’d say.
Thanks for the feedback, will take it in to count and give your channel a visit! 👀

Don’t worry, you’ll have a reason to visit it relatively soon

Lovely trailers, very Apple-ish! 🤟🏼

That’s a very nice movie with great camera views and the whole video is just awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you! 😊