Infinite Flight Movie | Perfect 10 Trailer

Hello! I have released a trailer for a upcoming movie called “Perfect 10.” There is a backstory to this Movie. Here’s the trailer. The movie is expected to come out sometime next week. I hope you enjoy!

Trailer: Trailer Link

Song: Perfect 10 by Unknown Brain ft: Heather Sommer

Release date of Movie: TBD


Aaah the song has the word hell in it! That’s not family friendly PG clean! I’m reporting you!

in all seriousness can you teach me real camera skill some day


Wow! Cant wait for the full thing.

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Looks pretty cool ! Looking foward to watching the whole video :)

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I’ll make a tutorial! All the editing is basically fade, and immediate transition. No real special editing software. All done on IMovie. Just some tricks I use that I’ll teach.


Very nice looking video! Can’t wait for the actual movie!!

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Thank you! :) I’m planing for this week. Not settled on it :)

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Whoa can’t wait for the full video! I love the Air Caraibes A350 landing, very smooth!

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Enjoy :) feed back appreciated (on YouTube though)

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