Infinite Flight Movie - Infinite | Feedback and Opinions

Hello guys,

For the past several years, video editing has been a big hobby of mine. I am constantly making movies of things like camping or skiing, but I’ve never really make one about Infinite Flight.

Yesterday, after several weeks of work, I completed my first Infinite Flight Movie:

I need lots of feedback and opinions on it, as I hope to continue making these. Some of the things I was going for when making it were:

  • A well organized story line

  • Clean, high quality shots

  • Scene changes timed with music

How do you think I did? Do you have any tips for future videos?



I liked it, but the things you could improve on is to make them shorter, I think 2 minutes is enough.
Anyway, nice editing!

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Splendid video! I’d watch more of this :3

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Nice video and like the story line how it follows from startup to takeoff to landing.

A point for the future and it’s a minor point for realism is strobes shouldn’t be used when taxing. Only once taking off but that’s a very minor point.

Well done 🎉


Yea, I know. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice that until I had finished editing:-/

Great job @PlaneCrazy! I’ll be sure to watch more! :)

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Dude @PlaneCrazy the vid is awesome dude! Keep up the good work!

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This is a really really good edit. Along with keeping them a little shorter, don’t be afraid to use the natural sound made by the game. As an example, in the first shot, you have an engine starting up. When I think of “engine start” I think of the sound made by the spooling engines. Coupled with the music, it will give your viewer an improved perception of what is actually happening in the viewer. Good work. I’m hoping to see more.


Awesome!!! You had my favorite plane in it. 787-8 with my favorite Livery IF(2016).

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Awesome film! I suggest more freecam and more panning. 👍🏻


The only criticism I have with this video is the use of NCS music. For people that don’t watch YouTube often, it may not seem like a very big problem. However, if you watch YouTube regularly, you’d know that EVERYONE uses NCS music just so that their videos get monetised. Sorry if this sounds petty, but more unique music or even none at all would make the video a lot more enjoyable for some viewers such as me! However, the footage and overall video were fantastic!


I used this particular song because to me it fits perfectly to the theme. It is also less popular than some other NCS songs, which I would probably never use.

However, In the future I will try some different artists. Thanks for the feedback!

I think you did an excellent job! I can’t even do a proper photo edit.

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Soundcloud is always my go to. Love the video.


Great video! My only point of criticism is the title. “Infinite” just seems kind of redundant to me, mainly because it’s an infinite flight movie. It’s very well edited, and the shots were beautiful.

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Thanks! The reason I named it “Infinite” is because that was the name of the song I used.

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Oh, that makes sense.

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Very Good! I would try running IF on a device with a very high frame rate so you can have smooth shots though.


Lovely! I have always done a little film editing, but that blows all of my stuff out of the water. That was amazing. I am really curious as to how you got those shots without the HUD and controls popping upQ A cockpit view and wind might have been cool, but it was still an awesome film. Future academy winner @PlaneCrazy here :)

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Well, sometimes, using non-NCS music can give you a strike on your channel, and the artist can take it down.
Some do only have Content ID, but for many, it’s not worth the risk.