Infinite Flight Movie | CRJ

Hey guys!

I’ve been getting back into video editing lately and I recently found an unfinished Infinite Flight movie that I started work on before the CRJ was reworked last year. I have been finishing it up over the past few weeks and am now ready to release it to the public.

The movie starts out with the old model and then transitions to the new ones about a third of the way through. Some of the highlights are a tour through the cabin of a CRJ-900, a music coordinated slideshow, and a beautiful sunset formation flight (Thanks to @Luke_Sta for flying with me for that). My goal was to showcase all of the features and the beauty of my favorite aircraft in Infinite Flight.

If you guys have ever seen any of my previous movies, you know that I love coordinating video with music. I introduced several new tactics into this one and I think it turned out great. (Please watch the video on YouTube for the best experience, the music seems to be slightly delayed when played through IFC).

Hope you guys enjoy! If you have any feedback, please post it below!


Wow I really like it nice job 👍🏽😄

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I suggest the movie, CRJ vs 5kts crosswind.


Glad you like it, thanks for watching!

Lol. I had a hard time picking the name for this one, a simple “CRJ” seemed like the best fit.

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Very nice job 👍
Rip the dash 8 btw ;)

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Very well made. Good job!

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Doesn’t everyone?

IMO, I don’t really like it to much. Good effort though.

I really like it, I also do some videos for my VA in my Yt Chanel, cool to see this in IFC :)

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Yeah, I was just saying that I really enjoy doing it:-)

Sorry to hear that. Would you mind giving some constructive criticism please?

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Well, maybe you could use more action shots, and faster paced but smaller in length clips.