Infinite Flight Movie - Crew Dragon

Hello everyone, this week I decided to make another movie, this time simulating recent space activity performed by SpaceX but in Infinite Flight!

Everything was put into detail including the actual airport of where Crew Demo lifted off, separation stage, return stage and finally splashdown!

One last thing I’d like to point out as to some of you way wonder is I used the B747 - SCA/Sofia for the purpose of the movie, although Crew Demo didn’t use a space shuttle but it was simply for the purpose, this movie will only make sense if you watch it until the very end, enjoy!


Wow! This was the best IF movie I have seen yet, AMAZING work!

OK I was skeptical but that was actually pretty cool. Did you just free cam then speed it up?

Thank you! 🙌🏼

Thanks, I used the F22, messed around a bit with the camera options to gain that view.

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Wow! Now that’s an amazing video!

I must admit I first struggled to see what that’s going to do with IF, and would have liked one or two more airplane scenes, but it’s really, really well done otherwise. Thanks for sharing!

Whaaaa 🤯 I could never get on this level, fantastic work!

teach me the ways of free cam movements

Another amazing movie mate! It honestly looks like it would’ve taken ages to get some of those shots of the launch, separation, and splashdown


With the limited amount of space related aircraft in Infinite Flight, this one became a hard one, thank you!

Thank you! 🙌🏼

Haha just keep playing around with free cam and you’ll get used to it.

Thank you, creativity took a huge role in this movie, much appreciated!


Amazing idea

Definitely an awesome idea here. Nice work!

Wow ! What a amazing video that you show to us ! I reaalu love it 😍😍😍


Thank you!

Much appreciated, cheers!

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