Infinite Flight motivation

What’s your guys’ motivation to continue playing infinite flight? I used to play every single day but I’ve been losing a bit of interest in the past couple weeks. What strives you to play for so many years?


My passion for aviation ✈️


It’s a way to escape from life, be able to pick up your device and fly around, the world is your limit! It distracts me from life when I need a boost!
See you in the skies :)


Just thinking of being a pilot and reaching high XP and hours and also watch a lot of aircraft videos online for motivation and make flights schedules for you’re self and plan flights make it it realistic look at live weather and so.on how long are you playing now for👍🛫🛬ohh and remember take a day off or 2 off in the week to do something for you’re self because usually after long flights I am tired because I had to set my alarm for early morning take off and late night landings.I take a day off to relax and prepare my next day flights.and plus it gives you time to.miss the game and want to play it again.dont be hard on yourself you wil learn to enjoy it and I love the game and the community so its fun.God bless🛫👍😊


It’s one of the only things that makes my already boring life less boring. :^)


The community.


The community is something that has played a big part of my overall experience. By getting involved in various organizations, I have found people who have a similar passion for not only Infinite Flight, but aviation as a whole.

Try to get involved when and where you can. There are some pretty cool organizations out there take a look and see if anything interests you.


To fly my own airlines routes I have in airline manager tycoon.

This is what gives me motivation to play IF.

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exploring places that i never went to from above

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Guess I don’t have anything productive to do during this pandemic so yeah that’s why I fly and interact with people in IF.🤷‍♂️

To be honest, it’s my immense drive for ultra-realism #RealismPolice! that keeps me going! Always follow real world procedures!

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There is a good topic about this, take a scroll.

Seeing what hair style @MishaCamp goes with keeps me here.

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I would actually encourage you to take some time away and not burnout. I did that for 2/3 months back in summer of 2017, and I doubt I would be where I am now without doing that. However much you love something, you need a break sometimes. You can then come back and appreciate it all over again.

I would say the best way to actively stay engaged is to fly to new places, doing new routes, in new aircraft. I, for example, have spent the last 2 or 3 days flying to DC-10F around. Joining new events, doing tours of countries, and perhaps making videos [if you know how] are all other ways that you can continue to be engaged.

Just my two cents after 10,000 flight hours and over 5 years of my life lol


Friends, social relationships and joining VA’s is what makes me keep my motivation with playing Infinite Flight. In fact this is the only flight simulator I can afford, really. I have met fantastic friends in the community forum. I love recreating realistic flights using accurate data from Flightradar24. I didn’t play much of the simulator a month ago due to school exams, but now it’s just great to be more active in the skies and trying out the new update features!

Currently working hard earning my flight hours with VA’s and continuing my strong relationship with other pilots on the Expert Server. It’s just awesome!

Edit: I don’t fly EVERY single day, but always take a break during weekends.


Mainly my passion for aviation… I love planning my flights, checking charts, exploring worldwide procedures and keeping aircrafts’ roars playing in my ears… Why IF? Simply because I cannot afford those fancy simulators with FMCs and real sceneries😔

Saw you in the DC-10 today :)

Honestly, it’s just fun, I challenge myself to never fly repeat routes unless I have to. I’ve flown to so many new places recently like Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Southern France, Austria, Jordan, and so many more.

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Try out new airplanes, change regularly to enjoy all the liveries we’ve the chance to have! Take new challenges, like difficult approachs, no HUD landing, only live cockpit etc…
There’re a lot of different sceneries you can enjoy!
Try new adventures with the Virtual Organisations adventure.
All of that keep me motivated :)

I continue to play in IF because it’s the only and first flight simulator that I played and liked, and also because of the community :)

What has kept me with Infinite Flight is in no doubts the community we have around here, including my Virtual Airline Cathay Pacific Virtual.

That’s not necessarily a good thing buddy 😂