Infinite flight moon!

Earlier today I did a flight from Seattle to Oakland Intl and it was about 2hrs! It’s was awesome flying through Oregon and landing by San Francisco Bay Area!


It’s very dim tho!

hey there my main man, epic photo and all that but

gotta be 10/10 quality and no HUD of phone/IF present, also, more info like plane, time, etc

feel free to fix the image and description before the topic gets closed

have a great day my guy

My guy, does it really affect you that much or are you just looking for something wrong to point out? The mods can do their job you don’t need to do it for them.

Imo it’s a great photo!


alrighty my dude, listen to this:

theres a huge difference between mini-mod, and helping, i want to help this guy not get this topic closed, i am not trying to bully him into changing everything

mods are here for a reason, but helpings fine, and just helping as a community member may show OP that the IFC is a good place

also dont say “my guy” like that, got no touch and kindness when you use it to mock ;)

if you have anymore questions take it to a PM please and not publicly

Why would it be closed? I see nothing in this topic that violates any rules whatsoever. And if you’re upset that he didn’t include the server, cry elsewhere.


Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 4.07.34 AM

aircraft & airline missing too, its some basic stuff that isn’t that big but might be a downside, it doesn’t hurt to edit it and change, im not tryna pick at small things n make them big just sayin

That’s what a PM is for. To not…make things big like they are now.

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alright then, 🤷‍♂️

great photo @RyMan, if you wanna edit the stuff I mentioned go ahead, if not its fine, either way, have a great day

737 sharklets are so aesthetic… 🤤