Infinite Flight Monthly Recap | Your Infinite Flight News, Once per Month. | First Edition

Written and edited by Christian Church (@nativetoalaska)

A belated seasons greetings and an early happy new year, everyone! I’m Christian, more commonly known as @nativetoalaska, now the Editor-in-Chief of my new non-profit Infinite Flight news organization, and the writer and editor of the first edition of the Infinite Flight Monthly Recap, where we look back on December 2021, feature update 21.8, have a sit-down with Community member @Airborne_Canuck, and more. Personally, I am so glad to be presenting this to you all today, and I hope you enjoy the read! If you want to stay up-to-date with the Monthly Recap, head to our website to find links to our Instagram and Twitter pages. Thank you all!


WOW. That was amazing to read, it was well put together, and the website looks slick! I can tell how much time you’ve put into this. Can’t wait to read more!


That. Was. AMAZING!
Great Job, probably the most entertaining thing to read as I pretty much hate literature and reading books In my Opinion. So if I enjoy reading this, It means pretty much you have done an amazing job to keep me entertained. Can’t wait for the next one!

That was AMAZING! That was a great job putting all that together for a review of this month of IF!

Pretty professional and great article, looking forward to read you next year, or why not, being interviewed 🤔. Everything looked cool!

Thanks @Aviation108 @CaptainAli_yt @canton and @InfiniteFlight_Shots for the words!


chuckles Don’t forget me

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wow what a read! keep it up… excited to read more 😉

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There’s about half a dozen people that have shown interest in being interviewed along with you two lmao, but I’ll say not asking for it convinces me to reach out more than otherwise. Keep your PMs open 😉


Understandable, Good Luck in 2022 with this business(Idk what to call it). Can’t wait to see more though!

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Well, we don’t make profit so can’t be a business… maybe online newspaper? Anyways, thank you for the luck and the words!

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