Infinite flight moderators, quick question

When my photo edits got closed (learned out why and I will improve from that mistake, sorry about that 😔)
Is there a way I can do the topic in general category instead of screenshot category so that way I can show my realistic infinite flight edits? Just wondering if it was aloud.
-United 8725 heavy

If your topic in the General is just photos of your flights, then no. Please read the category guidelines as it has some good information as to what is and what isn’t allowed in each category.

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Edited photos is the question

Like are you wanting to post your edited photos in the general category?

When I did it in the screenshot it got closed

There are certain rules with editing pictures and posting them onto the forum. The rules are listed in the pinned topic in the Screenshots and Videos. To answer your question, you’d not be allowed to post your edited photos in the General category. This is due to the fact that the general category is not really meant for photos.

I would say this is one of those, “seems more personal” situations. Feel free to shoot a moderator a DM, as they are here for that reason.

I would refrain from getting in the habit of asking a personal question to a moderator(s) in an open-ended format to the community.

Some in the past have fallen into an habitual pattern where they post topics with the intention of gaining unwanted attention to magnify a disagreement with ATC or community leadership. I’m not in any way accusing you of such, but it is a habit that can promote or inadvertently turn into that, so I thought I’d recommend a solution.

From being told first-hand, most moderators would prefer if you reached out to them privately to dispute or discuss personally-relation events. This helps reduce clutter of topics and get your needs addressed more efficiently than posting a topic that draws unwanted attention, could induce drama or bad behavior, or simply lead to misinformation being spread.

As far as I am concerned, screenshots remain in Screenshots and Videos category, unless the moderation team has anything else to address on this. As I said above, please reach out to them privately and they would be happy to let you know why they took such actions- the community is not of help for that task.