Infinite Flight Military — Serving The Virtual Skies | Now Hiring Staff And Pilots!

IFVARB Approved
Welcome to Infinite Flight Military, where our pilots work hard to make sure our community is safe. We perform training that includes ground attacks, aerial refueling, dog fights, airshows, and aerial demonstrations. Our pilots are trained to the max to make sure they always know what they’re doing and can jump into action whenever they need to.

Our Staff

Our staff team is professional, knowing, and will always help you if you need it. Our staff team includes:
CEO - Website Manager: @TheBoeing787
COO - Website Editor: @Christian_Richardson
Media Manager: Open!
Fleet Manager: Open!
Chief Pilot: Open!
Trainers: 3 Spots Open!
If you would like to apply, visit the apply page on our website. (link below)

Our Fleet

Our fleet is composed of aircraft that are given based on your rank, these aircraft are:
F-14 - Training Aircraft
F-16 - Beginning Aircraft
F-18 - Intermediate Aircraft
F-22 - Advanced Aircraft
Ground Attack
A-10 - Training And Beginning Aircraft
AC-130 - Advanced Aircraft
Aerial Refueling
KC-10 - Training And Beginning Aircraft
Cargo Transport
C-130H - Training And Beginning Aircraft
C-130J - Intermediate Aircraft
B777-200F - Advanced Aircraft
C-17 - Advanced Aircraft
Executive Transport
B737-700BBJ - Training And Beginning Aircraft
B747-8BBJ - Advanced Aircraft


With our ranking system, to be promoted to the next aircraft, lots of factors come in.
A beginning aircraft is the aircraft you fly after you pass training.
An intermediate aircraft is given after some activity and you know what you’re doing.
Advanced Aircraft are given after lots of activity and you know everything youre doing and love being a pilot.
All promotions are decided by all staff members.


There are little requirements to get in the VA, but more requirements to stay in the VA.
To get in, grades 1 and 2 must go through training, but all grades a required to do a test to make sure they know what they’re doing.
To stay in the VA you must log 1 flight above 20 minutes every 2 weeks, the leas you log, the lesser chance at getting promoted. Also, you must complete 2 training missions a month, training missions will vary depending on what’s happening and what aircraft you fly.

We are currently looking for staff and pilots for this VA and hope that you apply! If we don’t get back to your application within 48 hours, please PM me and I’ll look over it.
Here’s our website:

If you want to apply:

Thanks for looking over our thread!
TheBoeing787 - Owner and CEO of IFM


Good luck with IFM! Hope it excels!

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Go sign up for our first event!

Become a IFM pilot and get a special bonus for participating in the event!

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If you were to own a VA, ( The VA I’m trying to own is in the process of being approved), can we still join this VA?

Yes you can …

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Seems very interesting.

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Good luck, IFM! Thank you for your service to the Infinite Flight Community!

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Whats happened to this VA seen as though the owner is permabanned?

Did @Christian_Richardson take it over?

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