Infinite Flight Mid-Flight Freeze Issue

Ever since the new update on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the game will freeze for a 2 to 5 seconds while flying on live and it only happens while i’m in the server. It’s not too big of an issue, but it does cause some issues if I am on final or taking off. Never experienced this before the update, and I first assumed it was lag, but its a common issue for me no matter how good my service or wifi is.

Maybe you have:
A) Bad internet connection.
B) Too many things on screen, go to the Live settings and check “Hide airplanes names”, “Hide airplane dots” and put “airplane count” on low.

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It might be, its just weird that I never had this issue before the update, and I’ve had this app for several months now.

If the game freezes it’s definitely not the internet connection @Sturmovik

Your airplane count could be lowered to help, although as I have not had these types of issues I have never dealt with fixing these issues.

Do you have the same problem on Solo? If you do, then let me tell you I often have that problem (also have Galaxy S5), and that David Israel told me that “Samsung´s are a hit or miss regarding performance”.
What you can do is stop using IF for some time, the freezing will go by itself.

It hit me that I have the same problem as him. It goes away by itself.